Artist Equivalence: Double Domus

Today I listened to the wonderful recording of the three Mendelssohn piano quartets performed by Domus. When I looked at the album info I found two artist references, one to “Domus” and the other one to “Domus Ensemble”.

Now the first one is the correct name; the players always referred to themselves as ‘the Domus’, not ‘the Domus Ensemble’, Domus in fact was the name of the portable venue they performed in.
The artist page for ‘Domus Ensemble’ offers the most information:

And the artist page for ‘Domus’ has only the barest of facts:

So I suggest the two pages be merged into one within the Roon database, and that the name of the ensemble be ‘Domus’.
Thanks in advance!

Domus the classical ensemble is also being mashed up with Domus, a Swedish experimental rock band that turns up sampled on various techno compilations, so this equivalencing will need a little more LTC than usual.

Hats off to you, Tony!
But how in the world did Domus-the-Swedish-experimental-rock-band end up in your otherwise so very sophisticated collection? :wink:

I assume that by LTC you mean Loving Tender Care? Maybe here another Artist Equivalence matter is lurking on the horizon, because I thought it should be “Tender Loving Care”, or TLC. :grin:
And then let us not forget

My apologies for digressing so much. Perhaps the Austrian heat is to be blamed?

Ha! they are not in my collection. The black background means Qobuz have them and I can add them to my library if I wish. I actually quite like the techno single with Dr. Joos but the rest of it is a bit rubbish (sorry if there are any Domus (rock band) fans out there). It is just that the Brahms and Lekeau quartets have both Domus and Domus Ensemble credits like your Mendelssohn. The difference is the Domus credit is for this Swedish experimental rock band.

Unfortunately this is is not uncommon. If you like using radio for example, this sort of thing has the effect of ‘bleeding’ rock and even techno genres into a chamber music playlist, for example. So as many of these that can be caught the better.

OK. I do admit that in the not too distant past I spent hours and hours listening to Trentenmøller’s (yes: a Dane!) album ‘The Last Resort’, just because it sounded spectacular on my Avalon Indra’s…

But would you care to explain about LTC?

Oh. its a typo.