Artist Equivalence: Prism and PRISM

This was mentioned in the now closed Artist Equivalence thread, but is still an issue.

In my library, I show Prism as 2 artists, one displayed as all caps. Their early work seems to be under the lower case artist and the later work as all caps.

I checked Allmusic and it shows as 2 artists as well.

Early work:

Later work:

Cheers, Greg

Hi @Greg,

Thanks for the report, we’ll look into this.

Hi @Greg,

Can you share some of the albums that are showing for each of these artists?

Hey Dylan,

Won’t be able to help till about next Thursday when I get home from the UK.

Now off to the pub.

Cheers, Greg

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Hi Dylan,

There seems to be a change in Roon since I first reported this. However, is still a mess. Anyway, I’ll try and show you.

If you search for Prism, you get Prism and PRISM. First Prism, which is the preferred:

This has a biography and the 4 albums I’ve added. There is another self titled Prism, that I haven’t added yet. It’s under PRISM.

There is also 2 appearances under Prism that appear to be correct.

Now PRISM, which is a hot mess:

First, as you can see, the 4 albums in my library show here as Appearances.

Second, under Tidal Main Albums, only the first Prism (Remastered) is correct. It hasn’t been added to my library yet.

Third, the rest of the Tidal Main Albums belong to other Prism band(s). Also, none of the Singles and EP’s belong to this Prism.

If you select the two links in my initial post, they seem to have the correct information for the Canadian Prism and the other Prism, whoever they are.

Cheers, Greg