Artist image size

i’t a topic that has been discussed:

but it doesn’t seem to have been solved.
-the limits (reported in the post) are too stringent. ok for the minimum width, but 1.55 aspect ratio is not “standard”. in fact, most of the pictures one finds over the internet have a lower one (like 4:3 = 1.33, that would be good in any case…,). most of the big images have a ratio = 1.5… that force me to crop them…

so, feature requests:
-a lower minimum aspect ratio of 4 : 3
-as referred in the post, the possibility to “move the picture”, to solve the “forehead problem”. in this case, i think that also the limit in the aspect ratio could disappear: if i have a “portrait” picture with enough width pixels that allow to be “centered” in a sensible way in the widescreen view.
-last but not least… i would like to see more pictures in roon database… at the moment the “artists” page is very sad. and it’s very far from the screenshots in roon website (where in fact the artists page is missing :slight_smile: …)


I would endorse this. Finding images meeting the current aspect ratio parameters is pretty tough.

The software could crop the picture for us. It could even consult with us at to where to crop to solve the forehead problem.


yes… it’s a quite standard feature…