Artist mismatch: Stig Anderson

My Stig Anderson is a danish Tenor, born February 24, 1950, who was a leading Wagner tenor and made some other stunning recordings like “Das Buch mit Sieben Siegeln” from Franz Schmidt attached.

In the Roon artist desciprtion he is Identified as a manager of ABBA with the same name…

Thanks for having a look into this.

Stig Anderson ≠ Stig Andersen

I’m wondering where Stig Anderson might come from. Have you already looked into your file metadata?
It’s not coming from Rovi (AllMusic), they have Stig Fogh Andersen:

I have set artists to “prefer Roon”, so thats where it should come from. But I will try updating him to Stig Fogh Andersen and see whether he links up correctly. Thanks for the pointer

UPDATE: There is no Stig Fogh Andersen in Roon’s Artist database, thats probably why he defaulted to Stig Anderson. I guess this should be investigated further. @dylan ?

His Artist webpage says “Stig Andersen”. No Fogh. NB: Thats were I took the artist photo from, only noticed the wrong description later…

Are you sure? The album is credited to Franz Welser-Möst and not Stig Andersen as far as I’m able to see/understand from the data in AllMusic.

I’ve done so many corrections, i cant remember each individual one. Welser Möst is the conductor. You could credit him but the real “hot job” here is the tenor role. Harder than Siegfried. Just added Welser-Möst to complete the picture. Fact is, there is no “Fogh” Anderson if I try to replace the artist.

@BlackJack I just looked at that AllMusic page - hard to do as it is plastered with Ads…

Anyway, that also lists all the other vocal credits, none of those appear on Roon. So where-ever Roon took its credits from, its quite certainly not AllMusic.

But this is about the album artist (primary artist) not all the others (other import settings preference), right?

Feel free to post a screenshot from the Album Editor’s Edit Album tab (like my example below).

I just typed in the missing artists as I had the album in front of me, so thats not a terribly good example anymore.

Lets get back at the core problem: How do I get that Stig Anderson represented correctly?

He is important to me.

Stig Anderson = Manager of ABBA
Stig Andersen = A Tenor

If the misspelling is not in your metadata then, let’s wait on the result of Roon Labs’ investigation. :slightly_smiling_face:

I think so as well. but thanks anyway

NB: Searching in Roon for “Stig Andersen” comes up with the result for “Stig Anderson”

It is. allmusic only have the Rovi “US” metadata product. There is another (duplicate) of this album that you can’t see on allmusic. @support will get this resolved.

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Ahh, what a mess! But I’m not that much surprised about your finding.

This may also be the reason why I get duplicate release dates?? Probably one fpr US, one International. @dylan knows about that one.

And also, PLEASE: Its no good resolving this just for one Album but to eradicate the issue as such… Thanks-