Artist name not showing up on compilation?

I just imported a new CD into Roon. I’ve noticed this before that sometimes the artist name doesn’t come across, only the song titles. And, I can’t even seem to find a way to manually add the artist in Roon. The file tags are perfect (imported into JRiver) and even though the album is “identified” showing the album review, none of the artist names are showing up. In JRiver, the album type is “multiple artists” and they show up fine in the JRiver media player.

This is frustrating to say the least and not the first time I’ve noticed it.There’s gotta be a fix for this, right? Please help.


Fixed! I had to change the album artist to “Various Artists” (from multiple artists) in JRiver and now Roon is reading the artist names correctly. Just a weird glitch when I import into JRiver. I wonder if there’s a default setting in JRiver for “Various Artists” instead of “Multiple Artists”? I’ll try and research that a bit…