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Was correcting some mislabeled artists. As I began to correct the artist names on the mis labeled albums when I typed in the artist name it would appear in list with associated in=mage I downloaded. After correcting a few albums the artist name and image stopped appearing as a selection and my only choice was to create a new artist which then was not grouped with the artist that had been defined some months past.
thank you

its still doing this
thank you

A screenshot or two would be helpful here @thomas_clark1 as I’m not sure I fully understand your issue. Are you just renaming, or replacing with a different artist?

That is usually because that artist is no longer in your library. With your corrections, have you edited the artist out altogether?

No matter how well known, if an artist is not in your library, Roon will not offer it as a potential. You may need to add an album temporarily in order for the artist to appear again.

Strangley the artist appears for 5 of the 10 albums i need to change and then it no longer appears

now that particular artist is jut gone and the 20 albums associated with it. this occurred after loading a recent backup file of which the mentioned artist and albums were a part of

still doing this
10 albums with wrong artist.
I could correct 7 of them.
After that the Artist i was using (picture i downloaded etc) was no longer available to select

Forgive me @thomas_clark1, I’m still not clear exactly what you are doing.

I take it you have an artist (primary or performer?) whom you wish to change. Are you using the 3 dots album editor? If so, you edit (where?) the credits and remove the artist, replacing with what - a new one or one that already exists?

Could you perhaps show some screenshots so we have something to work with?

try and be more clear.

  1. artist is : “the other ones”

  2. when i look in the artist section of Roon there are 2 “other ones” with albums within them.
    one of the “other ones” is the one I use to define artist albums. The one i use has a picture associated with it that i downloaded.

  3. when i access the group of albums within the 2nd “other ones” artist category I am able to see the “other ones” artist with Picture that I want to group it under. For 6 of the 10 erroneously categorized albums the “other ones” artist I want to group them with appears as a selection. I am able to change that primary artist and save it.

  4. for the last few albums when i repeat the same process the neither of the “other ones” artist selections appear whenI try and erasing the erroneous album.

  5. i went to provide screen shots of this but now when i enter the Artist section of Roon none of my “other ones” albums appear nor is the band even listed in the artist section…they are gone.

does any of that make any more sense?

as you can see between “old and in the way” and “oyster head” there is no artist with Name “other ones” there was a few hours ago when i tried recategorizing the erroneous albums into the one i wanted (the one with the picture i assigned to it).
I have about 20 albums by that artist. 10 were in wrong other ones artist…i could change about 6 of them…then both other ones Artist categories vanished and now both are missing from Artist section

when i search for the other ones the 2 other ones categories are located

here is 2 pix where the 3 remains albums grouped in the other ones category without picture (the one i dont want them in are displayed)

when i click to edit primary artist no other ones artists are displayed to select …as i have said there were 10 albums in the wrong category but i was able to easily reassign them to the the Other ones category ( the one with artists picture) easily.
thank you
hope this makes my issue a bit more clear

Yes it does, thank you.

I am stumped as to what is going on but the official Roon @support should now have something to work with.

(A remote possibility - I have sometimes seen the search function fail until the whole string is input; try typing the whole string the other ones)

Thank you
I tried that but no luck

Hi @thomas_clark1,

Can you share some screenshots of what you see on both of the Other Ones artist pages when you navigate to them via Search?

I thought I had?

I just downloaded Roon 1.8 and tried this again. No issues. I was able to relabel the albums in question.
Thank you

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