Artist Photo Tag To Enable Use of Artist Photos Tagged by the Community

I’d like to request Roon add an artist photo tag so that properly tagged photos in an album would be utilized as an artist photo when imported in Roon. There are too many artist photos missing in roon – and much like missing lyrics which has now been upgraded by utilizing lyrics embedded in tracks if no lyrics with timing are available – this problem would be helped by this approach. It’s way too time consuming to go through the multiple steps it takes to currently do it currently by bringing up the artist, going to 3 dots edit…etc. I know, I’ve actually done this for the 800 or so missing artists photos I had in my collection but I had a bunch or artist photos in albums that could have been used…

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It’s unfortunate you did 800 and only you get the benefit of that labor of love. Next time, try doing it in Art Director.

As for this feature request, it’s best that images be managed through Art Director, as we will add new “crop shapes” over time, and your image in the file will be limited to a dumb crop.

Well, that’s a bummer. But thanks for the heads up. You just need to get this built a couple of years ago :slight_smile:


I’m blown away by how fast everyone is getting through this. I thought we’d be done by end of summer 2022 and now I’m thinking we’ll be done by end of December.

I don’t understand why musicbrainz doesn’t add more dimensions of data. I don’t know why we didn’t think about doing this, as you said, years ago.

I have two more projects in this crowd sourced area I want to release in first half of next year. I’d love to pick your brain about your ex-professional life at some point :blush:

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How will you manage doing all the review work on Art Director with this unforeseen speed of image upload?

It’s a combination of crowd validation techniques and moderation. People love to tattle. You’d be surprised how many flaggings of some sideboob we got today.

We need pictures.

Couldn’t agree more about MusicBrainz. They did some good things but then just seemed to lose initiative and creativity.

I’m not at all surprised by how fast the take up is in Roon. It was the same thing when Gracenote first created cd meta data submission. What drove people to do the work was their desire (need?) to have their own library look perfect. Music lovers will go to almost any lengths to fix things they see wrong if you give them the tools they will do the work. The magic is how you handle the vast number of user submissions you’ll get and determine the best one(s) to display. And how you (possibly) enable users to override (would be great if you could do this in art director) to get the one they want – no way to get everyone to agree… But this is a huge step in the right direction.

Would be happy to chat about ex-pro life sometime… Give me a ping and we can chat when you want.


I just “fixed” one. I rejected the flagging of a Britney Spears photo and instead cropped out the sideboob.

Never mind then.