Artist photos cut in half? [resolution: use Art Director]

i noticed a lot of the artist photos are cut in half in the new viewing mode.

@brian responded on this here:

i knew it would tidy itself up shortly. thanks. what are the advantages of qobuz vs tidal. i only use roon with tidal ie no local library and have around 2000 saved artists/albums with tidal. what would qobuz offer me that tidal can’t? i assume SQ is identical for both through RAAT.

Digital booklets for albums (show up as PDFs in Roon). Not available for all, but seem to be there for newer releases.

Don’t know if this is an advantage per se, but…

Tidal uses MQA to achieve high res; Qobuz mostly uses “straight” high-res FLAC files.

Also, even though there’s a lot of overlap, Tidal’s and Qobuz’s libraries are different, so you may find that one suits your musical tastes more than the other.

As I understand, Qobuz makes it easy to buy a high-res download of an album. Tidal does not, you have to go somewhere else (HDTracks, Amazon), search for it, hope they have it, and buy/pay/download in a different way.

I don’t yet have that Qobuz service (I’m in the beta), so I don’t know exactly how convenient it is. But I like the idea. I love streaming, have a huge Tidal library, but really important stuff I buy.

Convenient enough, you get redirected to their webstore (with login again unfortunately, incl captcha which does annoy me). pretty much the same as any downloadstore. After paying (paypal possible) you can download directly from the website (they make a .tar-archive) or you can download in-app. The best thing is that you can redownload.

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Is anyone seeing better results on images yet? I’d say it’s been 6-7 days maybe?

Hard to prove a negative. This will likely be more of an impression thing after weeks or months of usage.

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5 days so far.

Art Director is the way to resolve these problems.