Artist view, some have photos, some do not [resolved: use Art Director]

Under artists view most of them show some type of photo. Some artists do not though just displaying a grayish crosschecked pattern. Why is this? How can I get some type of photo or album cover to display in artists view for all artists?

This could mean that the album isn’t identified, you can try doing this manually:


As I incrementally rip & add my collection to Roon, the majority of the artists have a photo. But like you, some do not and on a few I didn’t really like the default artist photo that was automatically provided. Sometimes it was a recent photo and I preferred one from the era that the albums in my collection were from. So I usually go to Google images, find an image I like better, edit the artist and add the new image. It’s a bit of extra work but since I’m always listening to music while doing it, it’s not too bad of a chore. I think my Artist view looks better now.

Art Director is the way to resolve these problems if the artist is identified.