Artists / Composers / Perfomers?

so, i have a request, but i’m not really sure if i am missing something.

in roon i have a (primary) artist menu. that means that i can find there all the artists that have a primary artist link in at least one album.
then I have a composer menu, where i find all composers.

there are artist that do not appear in these menus: for example, all orchestras, conductors, or performers that for some reason are not composers and are not associated to any album…
let’s make an example: i have just one single album where in one track is playing miles davis.
the only ways I have (i guess) to get to miles davis are:

  1. to open that album and look at the credits
  2. already know that miles is playing there and make a search.

this is nonsense!
i would really expect a third menu, allowing to scroll ALL artists/performers, or alternatively performers that are not primary artists.

i think this is really a very basic feature… and i’m surprised myself that i dindn’t really noticed it the first time. maybe because at the moment i’m “on trial” and i’m not “discovering my library” but “studying the program”.

i’m sure that Roon itself has a list of performers (and not only primary artists) as they appear in the credits and are also links towards artists pages…

so i’m pretty sure that this third menu is possible.


so… nobody?

Well, I have struggled with a similar issue in trying to clean up artist names that originate from compilations. If the artist doesn’t have a whole album – or if the entry on the compilation is different from the main artist entry in the DB, they don’t show up in the Artist browser, which makes it hard to clean up the artist metadata or merge with the actual artist entry in the DB.