Artists grouped together

Typhoon. A Dutch singer/rapper and an American indie rock anthem band are grouped together.
On his ‘Lobi Da Basi’ album it refers to rapper Rico (Opgezwolle) but links to trombonist Rico Rodriquez.

ABN. Belgian and American rappers.

Maybe there should be a way to tag these thing for review in the Roon app?

@jeremiah, fyi.

Thanks for the report @paaj. I’ll be soon starting work on a project to address artists wrongly grouped together like this. I’ve made note of this instance so I can make sure it’s fixed.

@jeremiah That sounds a very worthwhile project. When I demonstrate Roon to friends they all too often find examples of Australian artists confused with overseas artists.

The converse situation, where Roon creates two or more entries for the same artist is equally problematic. Do you think users will be able to “merge artists” in the future ?