Artists & Instruments shown below tracks

Have a look at the artists listed below the composition line:

First I thought: Cool, that’s the way I want to have listed the artists – for each track, and with their instruments.

In Jazz, this is even more important than in chamber music. The issue was brought up already here:

Well, then I realized that by clicking on “Ilya Gringolts, violin” leads me to an artist called “Ilya Gringolts, violin” with this particular album being the only entry. Obviously a bug in the Rovi metadata.

But then again: Couldn’t you turn the bug into a feature and give us the option to have the performers listed near the tracks – not in the anonymous Credits section, mixed with producers and liner note authors? Especially in Jazz, it’s really helpful to know the musicians on a particular piece.

I could be wrong, but my gut feeling is that those artist names and instruments are coming from your file tags. Please would you check?

This should be a feature request.

The decision to hide instrumentalists was a slightly questionable one, and maybe having it switchable would be a good idea. Or perhaps a partial listing always being there (fading away if more than a line). The latter would be my preference.

The decision to hide concerto soloists was a really bad one, which I failed to rail against enough at the time. But I’m sure we can persuade them. (There may be metadata issues with what is a soloist, but if you have a Piano Concerto with a pianist credit, it’s pretty clear…)

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Oh, yes, it is in the file tags. It was a download from Qobuz. They have the metadata embedded in this way.

I agree. I can’t imagine anybody saying: “I don’t care who’s the soloist in that piano concerto.” So the information about the soloist has to be displayed prominently.

But, as I mentioned, it is equally important in Jazz. You always want to know the line-up, and in many recordings it changes from track to track. You don’t want to look at the Credit section for each track.

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