Artists missing from artist browser

I have noticed that where an artist only appears in a various artists album they do not seem to appear in the artist browser. They can be found using search and all metadata seems correct. Where an artist is an album artist AND appears in various artists albums all is OK. I have searched through the user guides and other support info with no success - am I doing something wrong?


Because of the rich metadata that Roon retrieves automatically, your library is generally tracking significantly more performers than other music apps – on a given album you could have hundreds of performers credited, and a library could have tens (or hundreds) of thousands of Performers.

Because of this, the Artist browser can quickly become overwhelming so right now we only show artist that are credited as being the “Main Performer” of an album.

You can always find any performer in your library by searching or by using Focus in the album browser, but an artist will need to have an album of their own to appear in the Artist browser.

Hi I’m brand new to Roon. I have many various artist compilations. I’m trying Roon because I’m meticulous with tagging my music collection and I’m looking for a player with robust metadata display options. I thought that was one of the features of Roon - so I just want to make sure I’m getting this right (like I said, I’m new) VA compilations’ artists names will not appear in the artist browser? It’s a little ironic because that’s one thing all the other music players do.

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Funny, shows how diverse people approach this, but this exactly why I left other players, due to the amount of clutter this produces. Roon is the only one who gets this right.

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It may be cluttered having artists from various artists albums the artist browser, but it is correct, they are artists, the very same artists that appear in artist specific albums. If you only had various artist albums, the artist browser would be empty - is that correct - hardly. A reasonable compromise may be to allow the choice of how artists from various artists are treated, keeping everyone happy. I would be happy to wear the overhead.

Totally agree with Anthony_Jackson, if I have a song on a various artists compilation I want to see the artist in the album browser as this will show all artists that I have in my collection. It isn’t clutter it’s a valid portrayal of my collections content. Why this isn’t so is unbelievable in such a “feature rich” application. I think that end users should be able to differentiate between artists with the same name, although my collection doesn’t have any and really are there that many?

One consequence of this is that it can be hard to merge an artist from a compilation that is not well identified with that main artist entry in Roon. You might get there by editing the track.

My suggestion would be that Roon define a threshold of the number of tracks an artist has on compilations before they show up in the artist screen. I agree it could get overwhelming quickly if a billion artists with one track show up.

BUT, many of us have a ton, a ton of compilations, and it’s the only place that some of our artists show up, and some of them are on enough compilations to merit showing up in the Artist browser.

This is common with punk rock bands and late 90s electronica. Tons of compilations were released and you can almost get a full discography of some (not super popular) artists by having a lot of compilations.