Artwork comment thread

Hi all, throwing this topic into Music because it seems the best home for it.

One of the attractions of Roon is that we can free ourselves of “jewel case” sized artwork and see a return to the combination of music and pictures that can be so evocative. As the database expands and user editing is intrduced then more and more artwork can be expected to become available.

So this thread invites comment about

  • your favourite artwork in Roon (roll on the double gatefold !);
  • something that you think just doesn’t work (why did they use THAT photo);
  • suggestions and links to photos or artwork that YOU think best express the performer, band, track, lyric etc.

To start off with I will nominate the Pink Floyd photo (MA rated) consisting of six album covers body painted on models. I’ve not seen this shot before and it captures the idea of the album art inhabiting a creative space similar to the music for this band.