Artwork for complete LABEL shown instead of only artwork in album dir

I have a very well maintained music DB and organized everything in separate LABEL maps/directories. This works perfect for all labels but now at once a very strange situation occurred. All albums in this label dir are getting same front cover image and the Artwork for complete LABEL (all seperate albums in label dir) is shown instead of only artwork per album.

Bonus question: I organize my files with MediaMonkey and have to put LABEL into field PUBLISHER and it will land in ORGANIZATION and is correctly used bu ROON as LABEL info. But some METADATA files do have a LABEL field that is already filled with a LABEL. How is it possible to change or delete this field?

Hi @Jurgen_van_der_Sande,

Can you share some screenshots of what you’re seeing here? Are the albums within the label directory in their own folders?

Just to be clear, are you wanting to delete / edit the field in Roon or in the file itself?

1st: result in ROON
2nd: db of this label

THE ORIGINAL FILES METADATA with Soul Jazz Records mentioned as LABEL but I prefer to use labels without “records” like all other releases from this label.

I prefer to arrange as much as possible in the oriiginal db because this is synced to a 2nd location with 2 separate lifetime membersh.



MP3Tag did the job renaming the label; super easy!

But artwork still not solved!

There is a folder.jpg in there. Does it look like the picture that is used for all the other albums too? Do the other album’s folders also contain a folder.jpg? Are they different or the same? What about the label folder “Soul Jazz”?

I remember once had a discussion in another thread with somewhat similar problems where the file tagging software in use placed an unwanted copy of the cover in unexpected places.

Note: Roon and many other player software don’t need a copy of the album cover as a file in the folder when the album cover is embedded in the files as in your case.

This folder.jpg was needed when I used SONOS app. All other releases also have a folder.jpg but with their own cover of the album. But still I do not understand that ONLY with this label all albums show ALL jpg’s off the complete label although they are placed in their own dir.

And I assume that the embedded artwork in the other folders files are still their individual correct cover art? You can check this with Mp3tag too.
If all the files are (still) o.k. then I’m out of ideas for now and it’s left to support to find the reason for this behavior.

Will check! Thank you for now … again!

No artwork embedded in tracks!

Your screenshot seemed to imply otherwise.

Strange will look into this … seems you are right!

I have done some tests; with correct artwork embedded still wrong picture will show up in ROON and ALL ALBUMS in SOUL JAZZ label show ALL the artwork from ALL releases from this label. This is only with this label.

I have tried to organize from scratch and when moving in 2nd release problem is back again