Artwork in Radio Stations

Is it possible to show artwork when playing radio stations from the internet, like in the Squeezebox Server?

Not at the moment, but it is the kind of thing that might be possible when the Roon API is released. We really don’t know enough yet to say. Internet Radio stations vary as to what metadata they carry, and it may then require a Tidal search to find artwork for non-local albums. Have to wait and see.

Thank you Andrew.
I was referring to Radio Paradise, they send artist, song title, album title and album cover in their metadata.

Yes that would be great to see !!! Radio Paradise stuff I mean.

I get artwork for my radio stations. Just go online and down load it then copy ot in.

I have that, we mean the live data sent out by Radio Paradise on its stream about the track details, try their app on idevice or pc and you will understand.

Ahhh, I missed the point. So you mean live data streams from radio stations?
That would be brilliant if it’s possible to do.

It works on LMS so it is possible but not sure if it can be integrated into Roon, the track and artist is shown at the bottom of the screen but that’s all, there is a lot more info there. If I remember correctly this was an interim radio station implementation with a better one coming along later.

How did you do the cut and paste? I just tried it and couldn’t get it to work. I must be missing a step.

Hi John, I just followed my nose. Paste a link first and then click ‘Add Station’.
You will then have a page like this

Now add a Tagling etc and drag an image into the top section.

Hit save, that’s it.

Yeah, thanks I figured it out later that evening. Now I am trying to get logos for the rest of mine. Works great.

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Something like this would be nice.