Asahi Linux on Apple M1

Just wondering if any DIY types have considered installing Asahi Linux on their Apple M1’s? I would welcome any feedback on performance - with the obvious limitations of the current software DEV.

I would really like Roon to consider developing/compiling an ARM version for this type of setup.

My MacBook Pro (2016) uses and Intel processor, and whilst I can use Ubuntu as my daily OS, it has many limitations, e.g., no touch bar (no loss), I can only use one GPU, no Wi-Fi, no fingerprint reader etc.

Since Asahi is Alpha don’t expect a polished OS that works well.

I think this is highly unlikely since there probably aren’t that many Roon users on Linux, and those on ARM are likely to be much fewer.

Thanks for this feedback, I understand my enquiry is a little fringe.

I appreciate Asahi is early days, however early results offer very good promise with excellent tested performance. I will add, I’m particularly interested in Asahi running in a headless server/appliance mode on a Mac Mini M1/M2. So some of the device support issues are not a concern at this time.

I also appreciate Ubuntu is not all things to all platforms.

If you look at CPU development and investment, it appears ARM and mixed architecture CPU development is a serious investment race.
@ some point Roon will require a compile for ARM.