ASIO Support / Compatibility

Thanks for letting us know. Hope you get the stuff soon from Exasound.

I am planning to replace my PC with an Intel NUC and wonder if this move closes the door for getting ASIO support as from what I read ASIO is only supported by discrete soundcards. Any advice is appreciated.

ASIO is supported by a wide variety of hardware and software, ranging from virtual inputs like JRiver/JPLAY, to USB sound cards, PCI/PCIe devices, FireWire devices, and so on. You’re not closing the door on ASIO by going with a NUC.

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Has anyone tried playing out through ASIO to JPLAY?

I’ve read at numerous places that ASIO to JPLAY is working fine.

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Has anyone tried playing out through ASIO to JPLAY?[/quote]

JPlay ASIO driver works with Roon.

That’s great news, thank you for the feedback. Not wishing to open a “it’s bit perfect” can of worms but have you noticed any differences in presentation/SQ from your previous player to Roon?

Thread here already on Sound quality versus other players.

So far build 29 recovered nicely from my Devialet being off. :ok_hand:

Restart does not lose the Max DSD Rate Setting that was lost in Rel-21.

When selecting ASIO driver, in Rel-21 it sat at “Initializing…”. Now when selected, the driver appears, and is ready to go. (Wadia does not have an ASIO driver, so I use JPlay). Next reboot I did have a white screen. Killed with Task Mgr, started Roon again, and it loaded up fine. No white screens since.

BTW, I did all of this “after” the Meta-Data update was completed.

Works great on build 29 with my DDDAC! Thanks!

Now I got the following error:

Playback has failed do to playback parameter negotiation with the audio device.

Once I set the max rate to 192kHz it started playing without a Roon restart. I’ll keep you guys updated if the setting permanently fixes the issue.

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Great to have ASIO working with my MSB.

Now just need to get VST support going and I can make the switch to yours permanent.

Hi Matty,

Did you finally succeed and the accourateConvolver is running with roon? I am planning the same thing!

Thank you in advance for feedbackl


Hi Max,

basically yes, but …

It does not really work without constraints in my configuration. But the problems I have are most probably related to the fact, that I have tried to use it with professional soundcards like RME AES16 or Marian Seraph D4.

I did not manage to let it work properly, especially when the sample rate changes from one track to the next.
When using AcourateASIO, ROON always says, that playback has failed due to playback parameter negotiation with the audio device.

I made a dry run with an Mutec MC-1.2 USB-Audio-Interface and this worked perfectly with Roon and AcourateASIO.

So, in a nutshell I would say, it strongly depends on your planned configuration.


P.S: As there is still no possibility to set an offset value in Roon in the ASIO configuration (like e.g. jRiver), you still have to use channel 0 and 1 of your ASIO device, even if it has more then two output channels.

So Matty thanks a lot for your reply!

I tried ROON with AcourateConvolver and could enable AcourateASIO. But I am still struggling with AcourateConvolver (error message: use valid sound card outputs) and asked Ulli Brueggemann for some help, lets see.

The Mutec-1.2 sounds very intersting and will bei an option for me.
My dream is to use I2S as an output from the PC to the DAC and I plan to use a corresponding PCIe- card
( ). But I do not know if this will run with the AcourateConvolver…

Best Regards


Hi Max,

I’ve seen a lot of different error messages during my attempts to get my configuration running with ASIO, but this one is new for me. :smile:

Pleas keep us up to date with the answer of Uli. I am very interested in his response.

The Mutec MC-1.2 is a nice piece of hardware with a very stable ASIO driver, which is developed by Thesycon.

But your idea withe the Pink Faun I2S Bridge is very interesting too. Unfortunately I need a solution with at least 10 output channels :laughing:

Hi Matty

I got it running with the following chain:

Roon -> virtual acourate asio -> acourate convolver -> mutec - 3 + usb -> DAC

The mutec does a very good job, I think I cannot hear difference between Tidal Hifi and 44.1 kHz from hard drive

Thanks a lot for your mutec suggestion!!


Roon seems to handle the weirdness of the Devialet better now.