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Feature Requests Post your suggestions for features here! Apple iPad and iPhone This category is for discussing anything and everything about the Apple iPad version of Roon -- support, your device, and integration into your current setup. Android This category is for discussing anything and everything about the Android version of Roon -- support, your device, and integration into your current setup. Qobuz Place where you can leave feedback about Qobuz integration Linux This category is for discussing Linux platforms, including Linux/x64, Linux/armv7hf, CuBox and Raspberry Pi. ROCK Discuss Roon Optimized Core Kit (ROCK) here. Nucleus Nucleus is the first hardware product from Roon Labs, and the best way to experience Roon. To learn more about how Nucleus was designed, and why, read our comprehensive white paper. Translations This category is for the discussion of translations of the Roon apps into non-English languages. TIDAL TIDAL delivers no-compromise music streaming... millions of tracks in lossless quality. Roon connects you with a world of music, and now with TIDAL support, that world is bigger than ever before. Software Release Notes Release notes will be posted here for new versions of the software. QNAP/Synology NAS Discussion about QNAP and Synology NAS products.
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