Your Custom Tags

I’m interested to know what innovative uses you’ve made of custom tags. I’ve seen a couple of specifics in disparate threads, such as tagging Tidal MQA in lieu of them showing up properly in Roon.

I have only just got started with them myself. So far, I have:

  1. A ‘Late Night Tales’ tag to collate the compilation series which has metadata from hell.
  2. A ‘Vinyl’ tag to catalogue the albums I have on the black spinny stuff. This is a bit easier on the eye than my rather prosaic spreadsheet.

I have a number of a different tags that I use for keeping track of albums I want to listen to in various genres, so there’s Play This: Jazz, and Play This: Soul, and Play This: 2016, and so on.

When I need something to listen to I can browse whichever tag I’m in the mood for, or I can just shuffle the whole tag.

I also have a bookmark that filters my tag browser to only the Play This tags, which means I’m always just a few clicks away from something to listen to.

I’m use tags similarly. I have Mood: Earthy Rock and about 25 other artist tags. I use these to shuffle compatible tunes.

I also have Admin: Lossy Codec.

We are moving house (during renovation) and so I’m taking the CDs out of their cases and into plastic wallets as when we return my CD racks will no longer be along the walls of the music room.

So I’m tagging my CDs with the index number of the shelves they were housed on (which approximates to the time they were bought) so the tags are now my virtual shelves.


My custom tags for large library of 280,000 tracks:

cello & piano
classical guitar
female jazz singer
hammond b-3
jazz piano trio
classical piano trio
tidal mqa
string quartet
plus many more…

then use focus for performers / composers / format etc…

My wife and I have completely different tastes in music. So I have one tag for my wife and one for me. They are bookmarked, so it is very easy to change from one “collection” to the other.

I have a lot of radio drama and audio books. So I tag these for easy access and exclusion.

Also as we host live music I tag all the artists we have hosted or are considering and various associated artists in a Tag with the venue name.

Christmas is another useful one.

You can have different profiles for this scenario.

I don’t think you’re correct here.

From KB

Profiles do not contain library level changes, so you can’t use profiles to have different libraries per user. For that, we suggest using Focus, Tags, or the profiles favorites


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You can, and I am aware of it. But profiles don’t seem to do what I want, at least not as easily. It’s just one click on a bookmark to change from my collection to hers.

It took me awhile to try out tags. Some things I’ve created tags for:

  • Concept albums
  • Promo-only releases
  • Artists I’ve seen live in concert
  • Live recordings of concerts I’ve attended
  • Artists/music I associate with the Jersey Shore scene
  • Artists that appeared in Paul Wallfisch’s “Small Beast” music saloon
  • When I was younger we had to move a few times. Every town was a slightly different “musical era” with different memories for me. So I created tags for some of these with the albums I was listening to back then.

A new tag I’ve just started on is adding all the classical titles recommended by the BBC Radio 3 ‘Building A Library’ series.

It’s taking quite a long time with the current slow search problems :slight_smile:

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