QOBUZ feedback thread

Hiya everyone,

Figured since we have reps on here for products such as Lumin, KEF, etc., why not someone from Qobuz - a service we all love and support.

I have asked @David_Craff (Qobuz Product Manager) if he would like to join our community and he was very kind to accept my invitation.

**David will only be able to assist with Qobuz related questions/feedback and will be keeping and eye on this thread - time permitting **

This is purely a Qobuz feedback thread and he will most likely not be able to assist with anything related to Qobuz/Roon integration.

David, many thanks for accepting to join our community and welcome on board. Who knows, you may even find some other interesting discussions on here you may want to join or simply pick up some very good music recommendations to help you through the day :slight_smile: We have several amazing threads on here.

Let’s all welcome David to our community.

PS: If you have any questions or feedback, please post here and give David ample time to reply. Have patience my young Jedi :slight_smile:


Hi @David_Craff. I do like the Qobuz and have been a happy sub for a couple of years. I should buy more but that’s on me. Usually get distracted by streaming / listening and forget to go buy things later.


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Hi and welcome David!
I’ll give you some time to get acquainted, before I start asking things…
Great to have you aboard!

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Qobuz works great for me. Never an issue in two+ years.


Welcome David.
Enjoy the ride…:wink:

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I’m a big fan of Qobuz. Works flawlessly for me via Roon and via the standalone Apps.


I am a big fan of Qobuz as well.

At the moment I am away from home with no local content so that makes me more conscious of streaming issues in a scenario where I have no fallback.

The main issue I have is the unpredictability with which content, sometimes a few tracks, sometimes entire albums become “unavailable” in Qobuz. I am sure this is a common experience but perhaps by sharing experience on a platform like this, a way can be found of handling it better?


I love Qobuz and have been a Sublime member for a few years. It’s the best way to combine purchases of high-resolution downloads with a streaming service. Here are two questions for @David_Craff

  1. Can Qobuz send me an e-mail when a pre-ordered download has been released and can be downloaded? I would appreciate a notification, as well as a direct download link so I don’t have to browse through my purchases to find an album I might have pre-ordered a few months ago.

  2. Something that bothers me about Qobuz’s pricing for downloads. I enjoy the deep discounts on high-resolution downloads; why is it that 16/44.1 downloads are not discounted at all?



Would be great to be able to at least try it… @David_Craff when are we gonna see this in :canada:?


I had Tidal before I tried Qobuz. After switching, I never looked back.


I’m also a satisfied Qobuz user, but I do have a question. Occasionally an album that I’ve added to my library will become unavailable. Usually when I go to the Qobuz app the album is there so I can just delete the copy in my library and re-add it. I’m just curious why that happens. Is the version in my library removed and replaced with a different version or is there something else going on?

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I love the Qobuz service.
I’m thankful as it sounds better than Tidal in my system, and supports native PCM (Which is great).

Two things:

  1. I would love to see more electronic genre music. There are albums missing that are available on Spotify/Apple.

  2. I have a similar observation to David Gibson.
    Why is a previously library album/Fav no longer available, yet an alternative identical album exists for playback?


Hi all,

I am also very satisfied with what Qobuz provides. If I had to mention a few things that “bother” me, that would be the following three:

  1. As others already mentioned, I would also like more electronic music being available through Qobuz. That is the only area of my musical preferences where I could find more on Tidal. Still, I don’t regret switching to Qobuz…
  2. Make it easier to find audiobooks. I know there are other players on the market that focus on audiobooks, but it’s just from time to time my girlfriend enjoys listening to audiobooks and having yet another subscription is not really an option. However, finding audiobooks on Qobuz is quite difficult if you don’t directly search for a specific one. Under “Discover”, only the latest released audiobooks are listed.
  3. Seperate Single Releases and EPs from Main Albums. Right now, everything is thrown into one category, making it hard to find what you’re looking for.

Of course, my 2nd and 3rd point only refer to the Qobuz Apps and not to the Qobuz integration in Roon.

Hoping for some improvements in those areas, but overall a great job so far!

Best regards,

We stopped using Qobuz, The principle reason was discovering new stuff in Roon is frankly useless. I like electronica and Tidal has its issues as well with lumping a lot of stuff together but Qobuz is worse, one heading for electronic music which can literally be anything with an electronic beat.

No granularity and most of the time its just labeled ‘electronic’ once you go into an album. Of course yes I can just play it, but much better granularity needed.

Asides from that not much new stuff seemed to come out on it, or perhaps it did, no sensible way of knowing. Tidal way better here. ‘New Releases’ under each music sub heading of both singles and albums.

Of course this coul dall be the fault of roon IDK.


I am also a Sublime member. The prices for purchasing HD albums with Sublime membership are amazing - many times the price is half that of other HD album purchasing sites. I also stream but I prefer to buy albums that I really like so that they will always be available.


I started with Qobuz & Roon together. Tech from Roon and music from Qobuz. Only remark i have is when i roam through Toutube in all kinds of so called ‘high-end play lists’ i often times cannot find the tracks on Qobuz after Shazamming it.
Besides this I’m very happy!!!

Hi All, nice to meet you.

I’ll try to help you by answering your questionsIn the meantime I wish you a good listening with Roon. about Qobuz.

In the meantime I wish you a good listening with Roon.


Hello @David_Craff and welcome to the Roon Community! We’re delighted to have you!



There is nothing to do here. Artists are free to change their supplier, label and also to decide with whom they want to be present. That’s why there is some unavailable content in the Qobuz catalog and on other platform too.




I think this album as just move to another label or supplier. The content is the same but the universel ID change.