ASIO timeout should be increased

Hi rooners,

my DAC which is named Asus Essence One USB, has an ASIO mode.

Even if I can choose WASAPI, I prefer the ASIO because I think it should be better because is the DAC that totally handle the audio in that way.

Said that, I have an issue:

In roon, when I stop the playing after a second the ASIO connection is lost and I hear a “click” sound.

That is pretty normal, but, I would like that Roon “keeps” the ASIO connection alive for an X amount of seconds, in that way I will not hear that bad sound each time I stop a song.

Is that possible now or in the future?

I’m not sure how delaying the DAC release will make the sound go away? Wouldn’t it just delay the sound.

No, I mean keeping the ASIO connection alive after X seconds (user define) after stop the playing.

Something like if you PAUSE (the asio isnt disconnect in this case).

My point is it will just release later and pop then.

I suggest you contact Asus and see if they can fix the actual problem with a driver or firmware update.

Sorry, I understood after what you say and it’s right.

But, Imoften stop and then resume another song in a little of time so it’s always better fo me that Roon owes the ASIO connection for such a time timeout or if I close Roon itself.

It’s behaviour is always been since they made this dac,it happens on rate switch or with asio on and off.

I think this is inherent design in the DAC. Some DACs will mute or disable when input sampling frequency is interrupted or stop.