Astell and Kern Dap

Is it possible to designate the Astell and Kern SP 1000 as my dac, connect it to a pc via usb to control it and listen via the SP1000 to my roon library with headphones?

I use the roon ready mode and wifi to make my sp1000 an endpoint. Not quite your use case but sounds great. This will also give full decode mqa (good or bad). Full decode mqa is not available as a usb dac. Roon Ready is limited to 192k.

I understand the sp 1000 is roon ready, but is there a setting to put it in that mode?

A simple Google search will tell you the answer in seconds.but yes it does have a DAC mode and yes you need to switch the DAP to it.

Thanks. My audio system DAC [Meridian] has full MQA unfolding up to 352 via USB, but the Astell and Kern will be limited used as a DAC to 192?

I’ve got my sp 1000 connected to the PC controller and it is enabled as the DAC. I’d like to be able to listen to my roon library on the sp 1000 using phones. Is this possible?

Really not sure what you want here. If it’s connected as a DAC your pc is the device that streams and the dap is a pure DAC outputting to headphones… If you have Roon Ready active then the A&K is the streamer but it doesn’t need to be connected to the pc to do this. You can have Roon Ready active and still use the device as a DAC on the pc if it’s in DAC mode. Ensure you on latest firmware and turn on Roon ready in the decides settings.

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As recommended above, first update to the latest firmware to use as roon ready. This mode is then switched on using the switch under settings. This mode is only available when used over wifi.

If connected by usb, it becomes a simple dac to 384k. For mqa use the first unfold by roon. It will not do the final decode. It will be seen by roon as connected to your computer.

There is a great forum for it on Head-Fi.