Astell&Kern PEE51 DAC NUC rock cannot produce sound from the lightning port

I recently purchased the Astell&Kern PEE51 DAC, because it supports Roon Tested, I bought it for testing. ROCK is running on a NUC 7I7BNH.

Because the PEE51 only has a typeC interface, it uses the NUC Thunderbolt interface to connect. Roon successfully recognizes the PEE51, but the album cannot be played, and there is no sound.

I don’t know why? Please help, thank you

To the best of my knowledge, ROCK only supports audio output over USB. You would need to use a USB-A male to USB-C female adapter from the NUC’s USB port to connect your A&K PEE51.

I tried to use the USBa to TYPEc converter. In the same situation, it can be recognized but there is no sound. The specific reason is unknown.