Asus Fanless Chromebox

This looks like an interesting MOCK candidate, dunnit ?


Yeah, not bad. Though I wonder what the price goes to when maxed out? Looks like the entry level is a Celeron processor.

Does it support Ethernet? I don’t know much about them

That would be a showstopper

I’d bet “more expensive than an M1 Mini”, but who knows… if it’s ROCK-able, it’d make for a rather nice line for those who want that. The Celeron can probably take care of most people’s libraries, i3 for the anxious, i7 for the ambitious.

There are probably a bunch of caveats like “no legacy boot”, so difficult to tell if it’ll actually work before someone tries.

You damn well bet it does: here’s the business end of the thing (and the specs).

Interesting as I was just literally looking at these on ebay. So can I load Rock onto this and use it to run Roon?

I don’t think anyone’s tried it yet. And I think that only the low-end Celeron model with 4GB of RAM is actually fanless.

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No one knows yet. One big caveat is the BIOS - IIRC, ROCK requires legacy for now, and these might very well be UEFI-only.