Asustor NAS: Roon prevents harddisk sleepmode

I’m new here and I’m not sure if this the right category. But I didn’t found something about Assustor NAS.

My configuration:
Roon Core running on Asustor 5304T (Nimbustor4) 4-Bay NAS. The database is on a 64 GB SSD. The Music is on a raid1 volume (seagate ironwolf 2x3TB).

Everything runs good so far. It’s a great Software.

My problem is that the harddisks do not enter sleep mode if Roon Server is active.

I’m aware that some functionality need to check the harddisks (Looking for new content in the folders), but I think it is not necessary to be checked continous.


Welcome to the forum, @Stefan_Dressel!

When did you setup Roon on the NAS? When first run, Roon will analyse you music library and this can take some time depending on the number of tracks in your library.

Hi Martin,
Roon runs already some weeks. I think the analyses should be ready.

I’d agree that analysis would be done. The following post may provide an answer to your query.

You may like to check out @crieke’s site: RoonOnNAS.

Thank you,
I think this is the answer.

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glad to meet another Roon on Asustor fellow.

I have been running into an issue that I cannot solve. Whenever there is a power outtage (that puts down the NAS), the Roon app on Asustor stops working. The Roon server will keep itself in “loading” status, forcing me to delete and reinstall the app. After reinstall, everything is just fine.

Do any of have any experience with this kind of issue?

Hi Jose,
I upgraded my NAS from a 1-bay synology to the 4-bay asustor. The reason was the Roon Software.
My System runs since end of October this year and as far as I remember I had no power outtage in this time.
Therefor I have no expierience with this issue.
And I am afraid of getting hardware problems when simulating this problem by pulling the mains connector out.

All my NAS have their own UPS; and, are connected to the UPS via USB, so that if power fails, they will automatically shut themselves down to prevent any data corruptions. Are you setup this way?

Nope. Straight from the power outlet. But yours seems a better setup. I just have to find a good ups. My previous experience was that they generated heat and the batteries were short lived. APC UPS.

I’ve been using CyberPower UPSs for a little while and have not had an issue with them.

i will look into it and check what happens on the asustor after a power outage.