Attempting to set up a Roon Core on a NAS

Hello @Greg_consonance

I can confirm 720+ PLUS upgrade to 6GB Ram, SSD Cache runs Roon very smooth.



@Greg_consonance hopefully this maybe helpful :slight_smile:

Recently rebuilt my QNAP TS-251+ (8GB version) with 2 x 2TB SanDisk Ultra 3D SSDs. Which runs RoonServer, PLEX and AssetUPNP.

Installed one disk at a time … now both disks operate as two independent drives and locations:
Inserted and setup Disk 1 as a ‘static volume’ called: ‘Disk 1 - Media’ (system).
All apps are installed here including, RoonServer, Roon database, PLEX, and Asset UPNP.
2 shared folder created called: ‘Film’ and ‘Photos’. These are accessible via WiFi as secured and mapped drives on my laptop to allow ‘drag and drop’.

Then once built and the above completed:
Inserted and setup Disk 2 as a ‘static volume’ called: ‘Disk 2 - Music’.
This is used purely for FLAC file location and storage, no apps or databases installed.
1 shared folder created called: ‘Music’. This is accessible via WiFi as a secured mapped drive on my laptop to allow ‘drag and drop’.

This is a really clean and easy way to build a flexible media server that capable of doing more than just roon only.

Connections from the NAS to the system are:
Ethernet out to the amps builtin streamer for Asset UPNP via a switch.
USB out to the amps build in DAC for roonserver/player direct from NAS.
The NAS sits 1m away from the amp and is totally silent, even though it does have a fan.
Granted when roon was building its database the fan ramped up from 1000rpm to 1800rpm and was audible for a few mins/occasions, but once built it slows down again.
I see the fan as a ‘bonus protection layer’… my amp has 3 silent fans anyhow.
I use 2 x (identical) Toshiba 2TB USB HDD’s as a ‘hard back-up’ for each drive. These are kept in a safe place away from the system.

My only problem is importing the backup file as it is saying the backup file I saved as not valid and what is it supposed to be called. The one I have is called? The file I saved is called Is this the wrong file or something missing?
I set it up as a new install and it works well. Then re did it to allow me to get it to accept the backup, which it isn’t.

Use the backup app. looks like you’ve done is created a backup of the system rather than the data?

In the back up app you can target a specific folder (music for example) and it will auto backup to an external USB drive.

Why does nobody pick up on the question regarding the „backup“ file (name)? I subscribed here just to be able to give my feedback of what I understand from that.

The name ending with .url tells me it is a URL (web) link to another file and I would expect the real backup file is a zip compressed file named stored at the place where points to, meaning the .url just points to the .zip file containing the Roonbackups.

Clicking / opening the .url file via a browser should show / lead you to the place with the which you might be able to restore directly or have to unzip before (which depends on your restore tool).

Note if above is not the case: It could also be just a naming issue. How big is the .url file? - should be only a few kb, if it is much bigger (mb) it could be a wrongly file, then I would just give it a try and remove the .url from it‘s name and try if it becomes a valid backup when it ends on .zip - as you write your restore tool checks for validity.