Audeze Cypher Cable and Audeze Presets

I’m confused about how the Audeze Cypher cable and Roon’s Audeze Presets interact.

As the Cypher cable, apparently, alters the sound of Audeze headphones even without using Audeze’s iOS app for EQ, should the Audeze preset in Roon then be applied as well? In other words, would using both at the same time have an unintentional cascading effect?

Similarly, is the Roon Audeze preset for a given headphone meant to replicate the impact of the Cypher cable, while using a typical analog interconnect?

I’ve done some searching in the Support KB and community site but haven’t been able to find a definitive answer.


My understanding is they do the same thing so if you use the cipher cable turn off the presets in Roon. If you want to use the Roon presets then use the regular cable with the headphones.

I think which is best will depend on the quality of any dac or headphone amp you’re using.



The answer is it depends:

  • If you are using Cipher with iSine10/20/LX or i4 for iOS playback, then you do not want to cascade them, turn off the Audeze presets.
  • If you are using Cipher with El-8 open or El-8 closed or Titanium, then leave the Audeze presets on as the Cipher has a simple bass boost while the Audeze preset brings them very close to a neutral response. With the El-8s +Cipher you may want to use Roon Parametric EQ bring down the bass a little .

Yes for iSine and i4s. But, Roon has a much more powerful DSP engine and using the linear presets in Roon is significantly better than the presets in Cipher cable. Also with Audeze presets and Roon, you can pair your cans with a better DAC and Amp and easily surpass what the Cipher can deliver when using analog cable.


If there’s an elegant way to supplement Roon’s Audeze Preset documentation with this information, I would encourage Roon to do so. Very informative!

Good point. I’ll probably utilize both options, depending on where I’m listening.

Thanks for the suggestion this and similar questions have been asked before so it may be a good idea to add it to KB.

Roon 1.4 added iOS devices as Roon Ready endpoints, so the Cypher cable will likely be a popular piece of kit for Audeze headphone listeners using Roon.

Done. Scroll down here

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