Audeze DSP in Roon blog post

Hi @KMan,
I found a disturbing behavior with the linear filter - in addition to the 3 seconds playback delay for Redbook, when in shuffle/radio I sometimes lose the last 2-3 seconds of a track before it switches to the next track. I’m not sure, but it could be only when switching sampling rates. I reproduced it with a 48kHz track switching to 44.1kHz out of a Chord Hugo 2. It didn’t reproduce when I turned off the DSP engine.

Is this expected? Anything to do in order to solve it?

Yes the three second delay is expected due to the long filter.

Regarding loosing 2-3 seconds when the sampling rate switches, let us flag down @brian, it is not expected behavior.

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@Jonas_Ekroth LCD2C preset is now available.

Thanks, for the heads up. I haven’t actually purchased the headphones yet. I’m not sure if they are for me. I only listen to classical music. In your opinion is this a headphone for my music preference?

And my only headphone amp is the AudioQuest Dragonfly Red. Will that suffice?

Agreed, this is not expected. Will take a look.


I am afraid Dragon Red may not be an optimal pairing for LCD-2C, you will need a more substantial amp.

Regarding if it is a good fit for classical, it is hard to say as I do not know what qualities you are looking for. The LCD2C is slightly warm but with the presets it will be close to a reference tuning and you may prefer that for classical. The sound-stage is not huge but comparable or better than other headphones in the same price range.

Thanks @KMan and @brian!
It definitely only happens when switching sampling rate.

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Yeah, I’ve reproduced it too. It’s a straightforward issue…just needs to be fixed.

Good to know! Thanks @brian!

Any hope of the bug fix making it into the next build @brian?

I believe that this was fixed in the first 1.5 release back in May.

Hi again @brian, can you please check if the bug fix was released? Because it’s still happening for me.


Hey @Chikolad,

We’ve tried to reproduce the reported behavior, but we aren’t seeing any cutoffs at the end of a track. Can you share a file or a link to a TIDAL track with which you can reliable reproduce this issue ?

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Sure @vova,

First you should know that @john already moved this issue to a new topic: Audeze Preset causing end of track to be cut off [Ticket Open]

Here’s a track you can test with:

To reproduce:

  1. Enable the Audeze LCD-3 linear filter DSP preset.
  2. Play this track only and make sure this is the last track in the queue. To be extra safe, turn off automatic radio (it will also work if the radio is switched on but next track isn’t known yet).
  3. Skip to near the end of the track, let’s say around 2:10 (or if you want, just let this awesome song play through). A split second after the seek bar reaches the end, 2:26, the audio will drop before the last note is played.

If it still doesn’t reproduce I will have to take a video and prove to you I’m not crazy :innocent:


@vova, @john, any luck with reproducing the issue? :slight_smile:

@john should post an update on monday.

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Hey @Chikolad,

Just wanted to let you know that we were able to reproduce the reported behavior using the steps from the description. Issue was reported to the dev team.


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Yay! I’m not crazy then :wink:


Question- can I use Roon EQ for certain frequencies in addition to an Audeze preset or is that not recommended?