Audeze DSP in Roon blog post


This has been a very welcome upgrade. I have been enjoying the LCD-2 preset for several weeks now (and the headphone artwork is a great bonus).


That is great, even though I don’t have Audeze headphones.

I hope there are other brands lined up (Sennheiser, hint hint).


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@sete, you have to push them to do this!

I’m using a sennheiser hd600 with convolution filter with an impulse response that I have found somewhere online. It’s a well known and widely used model so it wasn’t very difficult to find. It works like a charm, together with the crossfeed filter. Finally the hd600 reaches into subbas area this way. Kickdrum now has air movement, very nice. So yeah, this is a very nice addition for current and future Audeze owners.

@danny An oversight perhaps… but it’s great that now we can select one of the audeze headphones as custom artwork for a headphone zone. I don’t own any of their headphones but the artwork of the SINE closed is great to use for my AKG K550 ! THANKS :slight_smile:

Finally got my pair of LCD-Xs in a few days ago and have had a chance to try out the DSP setting for it (nothing too fancy at the moment, just using a Dragonfly Red usb DAC to give 'em a little kick).

So far, I think I really prefer the DSP-on setting to the DSP-free option. It’s hard to put a subjective term on it… I think it smoothed out the highs just a touch and adds a little bit of body to the bottom half of the mids and the top half of the lows, but that could just as easily be in my mind. Going back and forth, the no-DSP option feels just a touch… this might not make any sense, but simultaneously a touch muffled and a touch thinner. The DSP’d option feels a bit more…present? It feels a bit more live, or “alive”.

Damn, damn nice headphones, for what it’s worth. I’m noticing tons of stuff in the music I haven’t been able to hear before.

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I’m really enjoying the LCD-2 filter. However, there are like five different versions of the LCD-2. It would be great if Audeze offered filters for each. I really hope other headphone manufactures get on board with this.

Also, I think Roon should show the curve being used and allow users to edit them. (Speculation: Perhaps Audeze views the curves as proprietary, but that would be short sited. They should want an involved user community that keeps people excited about the brand.)

I just saw the Audeze Reveal Plugin, wow! I hope this does not sound unappreciative, but we need the same features in Roon.

Was just discussing this with Audeze last week. We’re going to add Wet/Dry mix–that is the only thing missing relative to our implementation.

There are other ways to perform gain adjustments in Roon’s DSP engine…no reason need to have yet another knob for it here.

As for “exposing curves”–I suggest bringing that feedback to Audeze. That decision is out of our domain.


Thanks Brian. The Wet/Dry mix was the part that I found most intriguing. Did not get a chance to try it though. It also appears that Reveal lets you have two EQ Presets that you can switch between with a single click, in order to A-B compare. That seems like it could be very useful.

We have a system for DSP presets, too–and they aren’t limited to one plugin, instead covering the whole DSP engine. I agree that we could make the UX around those a little bit easier so they are less cumbersome to use. We have some improvements in that area in the roadmap.

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That is great to hear. I’ve been playing with the DSP settings quite a bit. Especially EQ. It is a great set of features and a bit of UX polish is exactly what it needs. One click toggling within the Signal Path screen is my personal wish, but I look forward to seeing what you guys come up with.

Is anyone else experiencing huge latency with the new linear phase filters? I think I understand why the other one is called low-latency now :sweat_smile:
With the linear phase filter the music starts 3-4 seconds after a playback action / after the progress bar starts moving.
Is this expected?

Yes, we used HUGE linear filters, 3 seconds for redbook is about right. We wanted to provide the option as there was a marked improvment in transparancy, but only with relatively long filters.

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Thanks for the explanation! You guys are doing excellent work :clap:t4:

Hi KMan,

I’m considering buying the new Audeze LCD 2 Classic and wonder if a DSP preset will be available for this model or if the regular LCD preset will work?

It is not available yet but we will make it available soon as we are measuring/testing the preset. In the mean time LCD-2 preset will work, depending on your preference.