Audeze LCD-5 and Astell & Kerns sp2000t

Hi, Just got both. The Audeze has a 6.3mm male plug. The DAP has 2.5 and a 4.4mm balanced plugin. I have only been apple to find an adapter for the 6.3mm female plug down to a 3.5mm unbalanced male? Do they exist? anyone ?

I think eBay will be your friend here.
I bought a 6.3mm to 2.5mm adapter for my A&K.
However it had to come from China, could not find anything in the USA.

If I can find the old eBay purchase I will post it here

Can’t find it ATM but…
You could do this, a bit klutzy but it should work.

Works great - high quality manufacturer.

I would newer use such adapters for the A&K, because the 2.5mm jack isn’t so robust and the adapter becomes a lever.
If you don’t want to change the cable (to pentacon), then it’s better to use a small adapter cable (I had one from xlr to 2.5 mm and also from 6.3 mm to 3.5 mm for my A&K SP2000)

Thanks all decided to change the cable entirely

Which is exactly as I said in my first post…lol
Just could not find the relevant ebay listing at the time .
However that 2.5mm plug showing in the picture does not look like it is a balanced version, may just be a generic picture though.
Not that I am sure it would entirely matter in this instance .
Not entirely sure an adapter vs a cable end would act any differently in the A&K 2.5mm socket but I have not destruction tested one.

Had a typo in my Posting. I meant to use an adapter cable from 6.3 mm to 3.5 mm, because it doesn’t make sense to connect the unbalanced headphone cable to an balanced input.
But the Tony made the right decision to use now a balanced cabling.

Thank you all, I purchased a new dragon cable from Moon Audio so Im good to go

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