Audilble clicks with roon, bluos and wireless Beyerdynamic Amiron

I have a problem with roon and bluesound powernode when connected to a wireless headphone (Beyerdynanic Amiron wireless): When I play music and pause the playlist, I hear unregular click-sounds in the headphones left and right alternately. I contacted bluesound with this and they told me to reset the powernode, which I did. After resetting the powernode and connecting to the Amiron wireless I tried different inputs via the bluos app:

  1. Analogue inputs - no clicks
  2. Presets - no clicks
  3. Qobuz - no clicks
  4. roon ready - clicks when paused
  5. playback via roon app - clicks when paused
    When connecting to a wired headphone - no clicks at all
    So the result is that roon seems to cause these clicks and I hope someone can help me with this issue which is quite annoying.
    P.S. The same problem occurs with a NAD C700, but not(!) with an older bluesound 2i.