Audio Device Missing on QNAP

I can’t see any device at all after update to 1.8.
Using core on Qnap TS251B nas and Linn Majik DSM/4


Hi @nr9mats ,

Welcome to the forum! Can you try to reboot the QNAP as the first troubleshooting step? If issue is the same after a reboot, can you make a backup of your database and try to set up a fresh one and see if you still missing the audio devices?

Reboot hasn’t helped me. I’m using a TS-473 with a USB connected PS Audio Sprout. Usually unplugging and replugging the USB connector works but not since the upgrade.



I had to reinstall the core on my QNAP to make it work again.
Seems to work fine now.



Unfortunately this didn’t work for me. :upside_down_face: