Audio device setup


System: Roon 1.5, Windows 10 64-bit, Roon Core on Samsung 960 EVO M2 SSD on Acer Laptop, 8GB RAM, Quad-core, Intel Core i5 processor. Library stored on 2TB Seagate External Drive. 21,000 tracks (approx).

Laptop feeds Sonore UltraRendu from hardwired (Cat 6a) direct connection to NetGear cable modem/router (both Rendu and laptop have direct connection). Rendu feeds into USB input of PS Audio Gain Cell DAC. In between laptop and Rendu, there’s a JCAT USB Isolator.

No problems with playback, etc., loving it – My question is this – when setting up audio devices, my PS Audio device only shows up as “USB device”, there are only a few choices for PS Audio equipment in the settings menu. Do you plan to later include any additional PSA devices?

Post in Audio products, PS Audio might be better.

I’ve moved this for you.