Audio devices not enabled

I just purchased a Nucleus recently and last night I went to listen to music, at bedtime as I do most nights, but my “Nighttime group” would not work. The nighttime group is a chromecast speaker in my bedroom and my Denon amp via airplay in the living room. When I went to check on things in the Audio tab I found that most of my connected devices were not enabled as they should have been and for some reason, even though I did not set up my HDMI connections on the Nucleus, they were enabled. Even though I can not get my devices to enable, they are still individually working but I can not use my Nighttime group as only one device in the group is showing and working. So very frustrating! This by the way is not the first time something like this has happened but it was some time ago when I had my core on my windows laptop.

Can you post screenshot(s) of Settings > Audio to illustrate your issue? Thanks.

Have you tried rebooting everything? If not, reboot your Nucleus, all your audio devices (chromecast speaker etc), and any networking gear (router, switches, powerline adapters etc).

Sorry for not replying sooner and I appreciate the help. It was as simple as rebooting things. Though in truth the first thing I did was reboot my nucleus that night but it did not resolve the issue. And it’s just that something so simple as rebooting my entire system is in fact not always that simple for me as I am a wheelchair user and can not reach every unit in my system. But because I am still in the process of digitizing my collection I have my Nucleus in a reachable place and in the end once I rebooted it and my router at the same time, all was well again. All of this has made me reconsider moving it when I am done. I hope I will not find the need to reboot things to often. Love technology, hate the pain in the ass it can be at times.


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