Audio from Video formats, and a better search

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For a future update, I had just a few suggestions on how the already excellent software can be improved.

For example:

  • Video support /Audio Extraction
    Blu-ray audio is a current format. Even if you supported the audio only off of BDMV files.
    DVD-A, because some of us have this in our collection would be nice as well.

  • Better search function.
    When something is misspelled slightly, a suggested artist/title should come up in a dropdown.

I think these things would be a game changer, and Roon would see an immediate influx in new user contracts/trials.



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  1. A Palate so users can select their own colors for Theme
  2. The ability to change font size
  3. The ability to import m3u files for Internet Radio stations
  4. Instead of showing “Tidals” recommended music show the “Because you listened to…” list
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Thank you for the improvements in Roon updates.

For future updates, when Roon is used simultaneously with other laptop applications, it would be great:

  1. to receive a OS X notification when track changes (with artist name, track title and artwork), and
  2. to have a miniplayer that could be in front of other application windows

A good, directed search function should be implemented. It was embarrassingly bad before version 1.6 and it still is embarrassingly bad in version 1.6.

No. 1 on my priority list.

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If you consider sitting in front of my computer singing along to songs that I like but haven’t memorized the lyrics for yet “karaoke style” then yes.


LOL…Bravo to you :grin:

All you need is a Roon-Ready mic and you can go to town!


“Anyone here sing along with their music Karaoke style at home?”

Only when no one else is home.

I value my life! :innocent:


Images are popping into my head that I Don’t Want To Pop Into My Head.

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I (personally) was a bit disappointed by this update… I don’t care about streaming services (though I know many do) and don’t really use the radio function that much. All I’ve wanted since I bought Roon are:

  1. Vertical-scrolling UI… AS AN OPTION, horizontal option to remain for those that like it.
  2. Remote streaming access natively to my library from iPhone/iPad.

Gunna throw my 2¢ in here with: Linux desktop app.

Also, something that makes it a little more usable on a small screen (iPad Mini here since I can’t use my Linux PCs). Artist images are now larger in 1.6… which I don’t mind, it’s nice but there’s maybe 8-10 items displayed on the whole screen. A list or the ability to change the image sizes would be nice. But mainly, just make your program cross platform.

Don’t hold your breath on Linux.

Don’t hold your breath on the ability to resize [anything]

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I agree concerning ISO support in Roon! That would be HUGE!

Anything is possible, probable is another matter…

Tell us more about what you expect search to do. Just auto-correct typos?

Yes - When I type Miles David - can you correct it to Miles Davis or list artists with similar names.

A drop down list

Miles Davis
Niles David (example)
etc etc

Can we pretty please with a cherry on top implement ISO support? If not - BDMV or TS. Sidecar files are fine!

Have you actually tried this? It already seems to have been implemented…

It seems to work just fine.

Well, find the result of the search might be a good start. I apologize beforehand because this post will be rant-like. Roon’s reaction to requests for a decent search have been frustratingly beside the point, hence my irritation.

The original search was virtually useless when it came to finding tracks and albums. Even with artists it was hit and miss.

A search function for a music curation application should be able to:

  • Find the exact artist the user specifies;

  • Find the exact album the user specifies (with or without specification of the artist);

  • Find the exact track title the user specifies (with or without… You get the picture)

  • Find the composer the user specifies (you guessed it, with or without…)

Now, instead of getting exact matches, we get unrelated results, we get randomly sorted tracks. I can’t even make up my mind which is worse: the old or the new search.

I don’t want “context related search results” because there is no way Roon can deduce in which context I am searching.

I might be looking up tracks to build a playlist. I might have visitors over who want to listen to something I rarely listen to (which renders both the content of my library and my listening habits irrelevant).

Whatever the reason for the search, I want this to be as fast and accurate as possible. No unsorted lists on which I have to apply a filter. If I want to find Help by the Beatles, I want to be able to tell Roon: track = Help (exact match) + artist = Beatles (exact match). I don’t want to see With a little help from my friends by the Beatles in the results list unless I specifically asked for tracks containing the word help.

Same for albums, same for classical works: composer = Chopin + artist = Barenboim + composition = Nocturnes. This should get me what I want to find.

I might be looking for something I can’t quite remember, in which case a partial match should yield results that are relevant enough to get me to the desired result, possibly by narrowing down the results (follow up screen).

I can’t seem to get this point across. Brian just dismisses this kind of search as - and I quote him here - obsolete.

The current search function is an absolute waste of effort in my book. It can have it’s uses in the “browsing parts” of Roon, but a search should be a search. The user tells the program what to look for, specifies one or more criteria, specifies if one or more of the search terms should be an exact match or not and that’s it.

Nothing revolutionary, just something that has been around for decades and that every man and his donkey have incorporated in all kinds of lexicon type applications.

Roon acts as a music library doesn’t it? And when connected to Tidal and Qobuz it acts as a library joined with a catalog, right?

Well, libraries and catalogs have one thing in common: an index. A cross referenced index even.

It absolutely baffles me that over a hundred years ago people managed to do this with astounding accuracy using nothing but index cards and Roon tries to reinvent the wheel and manages to produce an almost random smorgasbord of scattershot results.

So please, please, please, give us a search with criteria: artist, album, track or work, composer. Yes, I know this has to be done with several criteria fields.

Yes, I know you can browse Roon for artists and albums but that is not the point. The point is getting an accurate result without surplus garbage.

End of frustrated post :cold_face:

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