Audio Gear Meze Empyrean Headphones

Hi Everyone,

I recently asked about the ZMF brand and received some helpful replies. I am also interested in the Meze Empyrean, as I am torn between the ZMF Verite and the aforementioned headphones. When replying please include any experience you have with Meze’s customer service. As you all know, we pay a lot of money for electronics, so customer service and support are crucial, or at least they should be, in our buying experience. Thanks.

So far my experience has been first rate. I had an issue with my Solos where the mesh filter covering the nossle had got pushed right in when putting on some 3rd part foams. I contact them they put me on to their local distributer/service who where very helpful and replaced them for new ones in a few days for free.

My Meze = all fine, all ok , problems= zero -)

Thanks, Simon.

Good customer service stories are encouraging. Again, we give audio manufacturers a lot of money for this stuff, so inadequate customer service is unacceptable.

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I take it, then, you’re enjoying the purported musicality of the Empyrean.

What types of music do you listen to with this model?

Thanks for responding.

I listen to almost all kinds of music. 80% is jazz, I don’t listen heavy metal. Meze attached to the benchmark hpa4

Thanks for the reply. Do you find the mids or lower end too warm/murky sounding?

sound reception is a very individual matter. depends on many elements. as for me, my age and my audio preferences sound surprisingly good.

That’s true Maxxim. Thanks for your feedback.

No problem, friends…