Audio Gear Talk - Request for New Sub-sections

There appears to lots of interest in a few topics that, at the moment, don’t have their own dedicated sub-section within the “Audio Gear Talk” section of the Roon Community. Specifically I am speaking about headphones (and therefore all things headphone related) and Fiio.

Headphones, well, because many Roon users love headphones and Fiio because they now have several devices which are Roon Ready and they seem to “all in” on all things Roon.

As Roon continues to grow so too should the Roon Community grow. Thanks in advance for your consideration.


I second to that.
As I do not use headphones that much I did not have a special interest. But now thinking of upgrades to my cheap IEM and Over the Ear. Having a special section would be a nice thing

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Agreed, I stepped on a headphones thread discussing IEMs. I’d love to see a DAP and IEMs section at least. I’m sure others have differing wants they should list.

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@Jazzfan_NJ, DONE! :pray:t2:


@MamaTried, DONE! :pray:t2:


@jamie Thank you so much for your quick response! Now let’s try to put these new sub sections to good use!

would it be possible to move the existing threads about headphones, IEMs and DAPs over to their new homes? Again, thanks in advance!


I’m sure the mods could assist in this, as and when we get time to dig into it.
Be something to do in my hotel room evenings😁