Audio Pro C5..can I use this with Roon

Can I use this with a Roon set up (via Roon Bridge?)

Not sure if this is possible or not.


I´m considering getting an Audio Pro T5 (same as C5 but without the wifi stuff) All reviews, about sound quality and signature, I´d read says those speakers are great.

As far as I know C5 supports Airplay, so can be use with Roon, but not Roon bridge so can´t be sync with other Roon Bridges (Raat end points).

In my case, I´m thinking about getting the T5 and a RPI with Allo Boss Hat Dac To work together (using the Allo Boss outputRCA>3.5 analog input of T5).

Ah OK that’s clear. I don’t have WiFi where I’m thinking of using this, so a T5 would indeed be better …with a RPi of some sort.
The big issue for me is the need to switch between music and internet radio at the location of the T5…which would mean putting in a screen of some sort with the RiPi?

Well, I´m not an expert at all in the RPI+Hats world. In fact, this will be my first experience with an RPI. As far as I know, taking into account all I had read related to the RPI+HATs+Roon+Ropiee, Yes, I think you can add an small screen to the RPI and, using Ropieee, use it to control Roon (need an extension in roon). But you can also control Roon -playing to the roon bridge in the RPI+DAC connnected to the T5-, using any phone or tablet with the Roon remote installed, isn`t it?

Thanks for that. I have no WiFi so a remote is not an option. A screen with Ropiee would be better therefore.

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Ah, ok. Just one last bit. Search for the info related to RPI-Roon-Ropieee and a screen. I´m not sure if the screen will let you control Roon, as a remote does, or just see on the small screen the info of what actually is playing, cover included, and just play/stop and Skip forward.

Updated: and, please, let me know, when you get it, if the T5-C5 sound quality-signature is as nice as the reviews comment. Thanks!

Hey that was exactly what I was doing- I’m mid-search now and I think you are right…the screen is for info only…no control of Roon at all which is disappointing.

I’m just winging it here, but you might be able to combine a Roon Bridge instance along with a web browser display on an RPi using DietPi? Then you could use Mike Plugge’s Web Controller extension that does allow you to switch between Internet Radio and the Library…

Thanks for that. A fiendish solution!

In the end I have gone for a Pulse Flex as it just ticks all the right boxes…RAAT, volume control, great sound, and 5 buttons that are programmable. It’s just pretty hard to beat, especially at a discounted price, which I managed to find. Now I just hope the sync drift is not too bad…