Audio quality Roon app vs. Cambridge app to Cambridge CXN V2

Hello everyone, I’m new to Roon.

I wanted to ask if I stream with tidal through my roon app between Core and my Cambridge CXN V2 will I have higher quality audì than doing it directly from the Cambridge app?

Only your ears can determine whether the audio is better. You’ll need to do an A/B comparison.

I suggest you try Roon with sample rate conversion in DSP settings to compare. In my case with my equipment it has made a significant improvement both to local and Tidal streams. I have several set-ups, mostly Bluesound Nodes and speakers as well as Gustard DAC, feeding a variety of amps and speakers. In all cases for me Roon has improved the sound quality.


Thank you? What is A/B comparison?
How set “sample rate conversation in DSP? Where is this setting? Thenk you so much

A/B testing is where you try one and then the other
Ideally at the same volume so it’s a better test as people tend to choose louder as better otherwise.

You see the output of it when you click on the quality bar as below

DSP settings can be found down by the volume control button, but is considered a relatively advanced feature. You can only activate them on mobile and not set them up.


The DSP settings on my PC for that are as below, but they will be dependent on your device, as for example it might support DSD. They are a reasonable start, but you will find what you like by exploring and it;s easy to change back.

Thank u guys

@Michael_Harris Just seen your signal path - Living Roon. Brilliant! :grinning:


Ha Ha Raz what can I say… Dad Jokes are me :wink:
I had not realised I had given that away, I was just trying to be helpful


I have another question guys, with which cable can I connect my iMac core with the CXNV2 streamer? Can I still use the phone as a remote control when connecting with the cable?

In this case, will the audio quality be better than using it without cable?

My core is 8 meters away, can I still make the connection?

Thank you

If the device is Roon Ready then no direct cable should be necessary as long as the CXN (V2) is on you local network it should appear as a Roon endpoint. According to this website Cambridge updated the firmware in the CXN (V2) to make it Roon Ready.

[Cambridge Audio adds Roon Ready to EDQE NQ, CXN V2 | Darko.Audio]

To add it as an audio output go to Settings > Audio and it should show up under Roon Ready, there you can set it up to recieve network streams from Roon.

IIRC CA CXNV2 upsamples everything internally to 384KHz

Dont bother with DSP upsampling . All Inputs on Cambridge Audio streamers are upsampled internally on the device to 384/24 . Not sure it will make any difference to do this via Roon, but I would save the CPU cycles and let the streamer do its thing and let Roon just give it the Virgin file.

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Just confirmed that the unit upsamples all sources including streams.

Guys, I have another question. I connected my Mac with LAN via my TP Link. Same thing done with the CXN V2 connected to Lan via another TP Link. Clearly both are on the same network but the addresses are slightly different as I attach in the picture. Can you say that Core and Stremaer are on the same network in this case, to take advantage of all the potential audio quality?

Thank you, thank you, thank you

Each device on your network MUST have a unique IP address , the first 3 numbers should be identical but the 4th will be different by device

Your question way back about the StreamMagic app and Roon , these remote apps are just a means of selecting and directing the stream , RAAT does the work in each case so no difference. That is unless you are using the CXN in DLNA mode (using an alternative server as Roon does not support DLNA) , but any difference here will be down to the server rather than the Remote App

Clear as Mud ??

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The upsampling has been a CA selling point for years , I started this “merry g round” using a DacMagic 100, 10 years ago that also upsampled to 384 even then

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Yes they are both on the same network and the last set of three digits is that devices unique address on the network.
You should be good to go!

Yea Mate