Audio Science Review - Banned Me

I realise hi-fi in general is a first world issue and problems with it are truly first world problems but your problems even seem to be on a grade above even first world problems –

For God’s sake cop onto yourself.



Its hard to really respond when there is such a lack of insight…

BTW are Fosi products a good Roon option?

Well apologies for the last ASR thread i was heavily involved in. But i did learn a lot from it and the Audiogon one that emerged shortly after.One really can waste a lot of time with nonsense and things can be more complex or simple than you can imagine. Thanks for volunteering and keeping things civil.

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You should link to the thread so people can read it. I just read through it and there is nothing remotely manifesting as “attack:”

It was explained to you that it is the nature of kickstarters to miss shipping dates. Even when companies announce product ship dates, they are often missed especially if we are talking about hardware. You kept arguing back and so folks used stronger language with you.


If you have “no idea” then you should not assert anything. I have zero financial arrangement with any company. Period. Manufacturers do donate money from time to time but get zero benefit out of that. My reviews are objective in nature and I have little ability to give any company an advantage. Now, if I were writing subjective poetry, then that would be different. But I am not.

As to claim of reviewing Fosi gear immediately, sometimes I have done that for them and other manufacturers when they are announcing something new. Other times, I don’t. In the case of Fosi, some products have been in the queue waiting for good bit.

Sure, I could refuse donations from companies. Many though have benefited greatly from exposure they get on ASR. So argument was made a while back that it should be a 2-way street with companies helping ASR if they can. The donations go toward growing ASR and testing more gear. Just last year I bought a $20,000 amplifier reactive load tester. Such money doesn’t grow on tree and certainly not from folks like you.


Do you have golden ears? If so, where is the evidence of that?


Hello Amir,

I’m very surprised that you would take the time to comment multiple times about my little complaint concerning Fosi’s Kickstarter campaign for their V3 mono amp. I haven’t written anything on the Roon forums since yesterday because I had said my piece and a couple of people also pointed that out to me.

On ASR I saw different posts in the thread about the V3 mono amp. I honestly thought it might be ok to post there. My original post quoted directly from Fosi. Some people did not like my criticism of the company. For all the people that were snide, condescending or rude, they should see the comments posted on Fosi’s Kickstarter campaign. Fosi Audio V3 Mono Home Audio Power Amplifier with PFFB by Fosi Audio — Kickstarter There are some really upset people there. Many asking the same questions I have. Others, including me, are confused about the constantly changing shipping dates by Fosi. Units are going to ship by July 15th. Or by the end of the month. We have no idea. And, I have participated in Kickstarter campaigns before.

Since I’m on a two week ban on ASR, I’m not able to go back and quote the posts that in my opinion, were snide and attacking. Perhaps you would consider posting a link to the thread so people can draw their own conclusions. However, if you do, I’m sure people will make comments. But I won’t be able to respond.

As to Fosi’s financial contribution to ASR, I did not assert anything. “I have no idea of how much Fosi contributed to ASR.” That means I don’t know. The only one that knows is you. Perhaps you’d consider releasing the amounts Fosi and other manufacturers have contributed to ASR. That $20,000 amplifier did not come from small financial donors.

Amir, I’m sure I’ve just sealed my fate with ASR. I enjoyed reading your equipment reviews. They provide a great starting point when looking at new products.

I’ve probably insulted you in some manner. If I have, please accept my apologies.

I’ve noticed that Roon is more liberal in allowing a variety of posts. I applaud their openness. The thread between you and Mytek is a perfect example.

Again Amir, I appreciate your responses.


Jon Titman

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:medal_sports: :medal_sports: Badge of honour I’d say!

Please understand that it‘s not an audio toy to have fun with, but an …

… to more critically evaluate DUTs.

Sometimes, it‘s about the fine details to fully grasp the context, I‘d say.


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Hi Bram,

Thank you for pointing out what the amplifier will be used for. I’m sure it’s an excellent addition to Amir’s test equipment. My point though, was Amir stated he could never buy it from donations from people like me. I’m sure he’s correct. I can imagine there might have been some significant contributions made in order to purchase it.

In my opinion, and let me stress that, it’s my opinion, I don’t believe that any company that reviews any product should have financial dealings with any manufacturer in the industry whose products they do review. The FTC also states that. Here’s a quote from them:

“The same is usually true if the endorser has been paid or given something of value to tout the product. The reason is obvious: Knowing about the connection is important information for anyone evaluating the endorsement.”

That pretty much sums it up.

Thanks again to Roon for allowing me to post what ASR did not on their forums.

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