Audio Science Review - Banned Me

A couple of days ago I posted a critical review of Fosi’s shipping process for their V3 Kickstarter campaign. I posted quotes directly from them that kept changing delivery dates. Also, I didn’t understand why they were not shipping according to the date the order was placed. I said this was very poor customer service. I expected responses, but not nasty personal attacks. My post was done on July 3rd. I didn’t bother with looking at the responses until the 5th. That’s when I addressed those that attacked me.

Later that day I received a message from the moderator. He told me that my posts were not in the correct place in the forums. Also, he deleted my response posts as trolling. I messaged him back and asked him if he was going to remove the nasty responses to me. Boy, that was the wrong question! He replied he wasn’t removing anything else but my posts. He told me to post in another forum.

So I carefully looked for a forum that fit my observations about Fosi. They had an off topic forum that seemed ideal. It was for general posts from members. I wrote that people needed to be very careful about what they post. I also wrote about the moderator and his actions. Later this morning I was banned from the site. Obviously they didn’t like my posts about Fosi. They’re a financial supporter of Audio Science Review. Anytime Fosi releases a new product, it is quickly reviewed.

So the moderator didn’t like my response to him. Extremely juvenile reaction. That seems to be the response to any post they don’t like.

If they don’t like a post, you get banned. Great way to run a forum!


Sounds about right for ASR.

I was banned years ago too for being critical of a product and their customer service, I don’t even remember what it was but best guess it’s a fanboy manufacturer.

Never bothered to visit again.


Got an email from the moderator for being to aggressive towards him. I would hope that a moderator would look at both sides of a post he doesn’t agree with. But not on ASR.


From what I’ve seen on different forums over many years, incidents such as this aren’t limited to ASR. Whenever human beings are involved, things can easily go awry.

Of course here we are just hearing one side of the story (no offense to the OP), so it’s difficult to draw any conclusions about this particular incident.


Some feel the moderation on this forum is ■■■■■■ FWIW
(Not directed at you Kev)


So basically until AI takes over that’s all forums :thinking:

One day AI will take over the post’s as well as the moderation and then it will just be Machine on machine abuse :roll_eyes:
Until then it’s just us meatbags




Now that takes me back to my childhood :grin::+1:

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Where does your information that Fosi is a backer of ASR come from?
As far as I understand, the reason that their products are often reviewed quite quickly is because they send them in to be reviewed (and AFAIK, that is the extent of their backing of ASR), and because they have a good track record, their new products are highly anticipated (and probably fun to review).
Also, having read your posts om ASR (and the very polite answer you got from Fosi in one thread), I found them less than polite and reasonable.
Being critical of moderating in public rather than by DMs will get you banned on a lot of forums, some temp, some perma.

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I did respond to the moderator in a DM originally. But I wrote about him in my open forum post.

Maybe you can answer these questions since he refused to. They want polite posts on their forums. Did you see the posts that attacked me? Why were they allowed?

My original post quoted emails from Fosi. All changing shipping dates. I also questioned why they were not shipping by order date. Makes no sense to me.

Fosi apologized for their delays in shipping. That was nice. However, they posted that all orders would be shipped by July 15th. Or the end of the month. Which one is it?

If you think my posts were inappropriate, you should read some of the ones on the Kickstarter site. They make mine tame by comparison.

I fully understand how Kickstarter campaigns operate. However, I see no problem in questioning how a company is handling fulfilling orders. Especially when they keep posting different shipping dates. And they never answered my question concerning shipping by date placed. Number 4 contributor didn’t receive his order until weeks after others had their orders filled.

Since I can’t go on on ASR’S site right now, I believe if you look up Fosi, you’ll see that they’re a contributor.

I don’t agree that Fosi is handling these issues as well as they could. I won’t apologize for my posts that question that very directly.

Censorship advocacy is cute.

I’m guessing it’s because Fosi has a “Forum Donor” badge.

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Thank you for pointing that out.

If this is the thread you’re talking about, I see nothing nasty in the responses to you.
You’re not a customer of the site from whom they take revenue and may have a contract with, so it’s easy to cut loose one member.

I’d just let it go, it is what it is, if I was that aggrieved I would just stay away, the fact you posted here about it is not helping you.


Unless there is solid evidence to the contrary, I would not suggest that ASR is sponsored by, or has any financial support contracts with any manufacturer. It very well may be Fosi just made a donation just like many other individual members have.


I agree. :+1:


I appreciate the responses here. There were multiple responses on ASR that were snide comments that were not called for.

I have no idea of how much Fosi contributed to ASR. Is there a conflict having a manufacturer contribute to a review site? Some may think so.

There have been conversations about ASR here on Roon. I simply wanted to recount my experience with them.

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Do you really think that a science focused forum (where you apparently have posted very little else) is the right venue to host your complaints about a manufacturer’s customer service in a Kickstarter campaign?

Along similar lines, a Roon community might not be the right place to air your grievances about being censored in another forum.



Sometimes people just want to be heard. :slightly_smiling_face:

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