Audio zones missing after iPad added as remote (Mac)

I moved Roon server from my QNAP NAS to a new Mac Pro following the directions given by Roon, backing up the database on the one system and restoring it to the other. Then I disabled the original QNAP Roon server, and verified that the Mac Pro Roon server was working correctly. So far so good.

Tested with my iPhone, I could access all zones (Mytek Brooklyn Bridge, iPhone audio, Built In Audio on Mac Pro, CoreAudio device to another external DAC), playback is much more reliable and smoother compared to the NAS. It’s been running fine like this for a week or so.

Christmas found me with a brand new iPad, naturally I installed Roon on it. What I’ve found since then is that all Audio Devices now disappear after a period of time, on both the iPad and the iPhone. The Mac Pro is set to never sleep, only turn off the display, and it’s also serving up files to other computers on the LAN, so I can see that it’s running and active, not sleeping. If I wake up the display and start Roon client on the Mac Pro, then all audio zones show up, and also show up on both my iPhone and iPad. A few hours later if I’m not playing anything, and it’s back to “No Audio Devices Found”. Is the iPad somehow interfering with the rest of the system, since it seemed to be working before?

Any idea as to what the problem is and how I can fix it? I was so happy to get Roon off of the NAS as performance was really poor, but now seem to have swapped one set of problems with another.