Audiophile Optimizer, Process Lasso, Fidelizer

Hi All,

I would like to hear about your experience with the subject software and what you would recommend for me and my setup.

My setup to be: SonicOrbiter SE & Headless server (i7, 32gb, SSD, Win10) +HQ player +… ?

I have read many great things about the subject tweaking sofware but my question is:

What do you consider to be the best combination or single software I should get in addition to my setup? Pros Cons Conflict? :blush:

Appreciate your feedback! :smiley:

As long as you are not playing music on the server itself and sending out a stream to the SOSE: none.

If you do plan on using your server for direct audio play, you’re better served by employing another Roon Bridge or NAA device (like the SOSE or, even better, a MicroRendu).

I would echo Rene’s comment about “None” in the case of streaming Ethernet to the SOSE. Chris Connaker made the following observations on CA in the comments under his SOSE quick look:

I setup five different computers as Roon servers to send audio to the Sonicorbiter SE.

  1. Windows 8.1 noisy, non-tweaked (hardware or software) PC with 6TB spinning drives of local storage.
  1. Windows 2012 R2 server SOtM / AO server with highly tweaker hardware and software.
  2. OS X El Capitan MacBook Pro
  3. OS X El Capitan / Windows 10 (Boot Camp) MacBook Pro retina
  4. OS X El Capitan iMac 5K

I couldn’t hear a hint of difference between the sources when sending audio over Ethernet to the RoonReady Sonicorbiter SE. This combined with the fact I have no idea how the source could possibly effect the sound of the Ethernet endpoint in this situation, lead me to believe the source has no effect on sound quality.

Note: I completely respect the opinions of others who will try similar tests as more RoonReady endpoints become available. In addition, my conclusion here has absolutely nothing to do with locally attached server / DAC combinations not using audio over Ethernet.

Maybe it is something to do with the SOSE.

In my setup (Roon in Client/Server mode) myself and many others can hear when changes are made on the Roon CORE. AO especially or Optimized Windows over Non-Optimized. PL and Fidelizer on the endpoint changes in audio sound can be heard. PL on the Server just for making it run better, not sound.

Server - Win10 (RoonServer + AO + PL)
Client - 2012R2 in Win Core Mode (End Point - RoonBridge), AO + PL + Fidelizer

BTW, this is not just my opinion as many others have confirmed when listening to my rig.

I will use SOSE for sure.

For the server part, do you think I will benefit using both AO and PL or … PL only?

Both have trial versions. Both are good. AO is for a dedicated music machine using Win10.

PL can be a little daunting at first, but easy to use after. You can even start by just running it without changing anything. You can then change things later as you learn. Pro Balance, Power Profile, Process Priority, and CPU Affiliation do make a difference in sound IMO - but like any software you can tweak TOO far with PL. Author is great to deal with and even recommends most time less is best with PL.

AO - Big fan here, think it is great software, support is superb. Others prefer to make changes to their setup themselves or with scripts found out in forums. Remember AO author is a MS Certified Engineer ( and many many other MS certifications) and is immensely versed in Microsoft OS. But again and Phil will confirm, your Win10 +AO must be a music system only. If you need everyday he recommends dual boot machine.