Audiophiles 1959 BBC

Fantastic. Posted on another site I frequent. Worth watching the entire short video.


Well, I was going to use my time machine to go back and take care of Hitler, but now…

“There is a man in Wimbledon…”


Quentin Tarantino already took care of that historical chore for us…

Or Geoffrey Household.

Hi Fi Shop Sketch


4:53 “there was a suspicion of pre-echo”. It’s got a LOT to answer for…


Rogue Male? Great book and film.


Great film…things have not really changed much …but raises one good question…why is “hi fi” such a male thing ?..going to a live concert (remember those !) the ratio between male and female about even…but “hi fi” seems more biased to being male…most of the people in Roon Community seem to be mainly male ! I know there are exceptions but they appear to be mainly that…exceptions to the rule.

It’s all about the kit and the tech, mine is bigger/better than yours macho stuff :joy: Fishing can be the same, all Rods and Reels… Fish are just a by product, although sea fishing extends to powerful boats and engines…
The ladies just seem to enjoy the music for what it is, and with out all the macho crap… :joy:

Hmmmm… don’t like the implication of that statement…

“Machines more sensitive than the ears they play to”. And that’s was in 1959. That’s 62 years of wasted arguments then :wink:


Plus ça change

A wonderful little film. I remember those stairs in the HMV Shop on Oxford Street, and the Quad pre-amps in the (BBC?) console…


Absolutely gorgeous. They are so right. Have a look at the shift from analog audiophiles to the digital species - and you will see there is still a step up away from the music :cold_face:

Exactly. That‘s where I got confirmed on „solid state“ amplifiers. Correspondingly my first one was a Quad 44 preamp + Quad 405 power amp. They are still up and running and sounding to my absolute satisfaction.

Obviously you never attended an Allman Brothers concert, which were about 75% male and 25% female.


Lol…never had the pleasure of attending an Allman Brothers concert sadly. My loss as they were a great band.

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Anybody who doesn’t believe in Stereo Bass should hear when Berry starts up The Whipping Post on a system that is not a satellite single sub system. The bass seems to hang in mid air off to the right and is far too short before the other instruments came in. This was on the Live at the Filmore East album. Most live albums did not sound remotely as good until some guy named Peter Frampton who is a stickler for quality came along and made an album out of a San Francisco performance. Yes you know which one!

Now I’m going to digress but feel compelled. The Allman Brothers wrote a lot of their songs in a beautiful cemetery with very ornate headstones and the names of many of their songs were named after some of the people whose graves they strummed away peacefully by. Elizabeth Napier Reed was a real person. Little Martha was written with a little girl named Martha who died of probably some childhood disease that we wiped out with immunization. Her grave had a life size statue of her. That was too normal back when she lived briefly and people often had to have enough kids so some make it to adulthood. Macon, GA - Little Martha John E. Simmons: In Memory of Elizabeth Reed Interestingly Duane Allman and Berry Oakley are buried in the same cemetary.


Thanks Gary. “A dream of perfection”. Yes, that’s what’s wrong with me. :slight_smile: