Audiophonics DAC I-Sabre ES9038Q2M - How to get the 1.3" OLED screen on all the time?

Hi there,

First, I wanted to thank Harry for this flawless piece of software. I’m amazed how it has been working so far, easy to setup and to use. This is in short supplies these days…

A bit more information about my current setup:

  • RPi 3B v1.2 connected with Wi-Fi 2.4Ghz
  • Audiophonics DAC I-Sabre ES9038Q2M HAT
  • RPi 4 USB-C power supply
  • SUPRA Dual RCA audio cable
  • Audio Analogue Crescendo amplifier
  • Dali Ikon 6 MK2 floor standing speakers

I’m still looking for a case compatible with a HAT (ideally plastic so I can carve a hole for the tiny OLED screen). Any ideas?

Coming back again to this screen, is there a way to keep it on all the time? When I start playing a new track via Roon, it does show up for a few seconds and then turn off. Is there a way to change this behaviour?



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Cannot help you with the problem, but you are aware that OLED can suffer quicker than LED screens from burn-in?

This is a fair point indeed. I was thinking about it when posting my message :-s

As far as i know, these displays are not software (Ropieee in your case i suppose) controlled at all, rather by their own firmware.
Perhaps it is possible to configure them through GPIO commands or similar, but Audiophonics shpuld be able to assist with that?

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I have contacted Audiophonics. Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

A few pictures of my project in its final form:

Cheap structure on Amazon (I would not call that a case). It does the job, I double taped some non-slipping mat at the bottom to make sure it does not move when positioned somewhere.

The screen holds with the ribbon folded right where it connects to the DAC board. No apparent need to attach “better”, the OLED screen is very light in the end.