Audiophonics I-Sabre ES9028Q2M review (384kHz and DSD128 playback out of the box, and at what quality!)


We have received reports for the above. It seems that on that Audiophonics DAC DOP is changed into PCM in fpga and somehow , its working fine with RPI direct but not with Kali . Of course the i2s from Kali is very clean with fast edges and termination resistor is somehow different (corrected) from RPI . That might be the problem, we are investigating along with Audiophonics team.

Hello, but if it working onto DietPi system so there is exists some solution ?
Janis has no problem with this combo as he has reportedā€¦



Yeah thats the weird thing. In any case , our test team will check.

Hello Janis
Roon Bridge is payed and it is quite expensive,if I am not wrong ? Or did
i overlook somethingā€¦?
Does exist any other solution, install dietpi and then LMS + Squeezelite player
or some other player from list of dietpi software, i would like to be able play
my flac and mp3 from NAS and sometimes USB i dont need other servicesā€¦



Hi, on Dietpi with Squeezebox/SqueezeLite these crackling are too :frowning:
Only Janis can confirm if with RoonBridge there are no pops and cracklingā€¦

Roon is good.
If you want to have the best UI, great quality, and not waste your time - go for it.



Hi Janis, I trust that Roon is very qood player, only please confirm that there are no clicks , because ono dietpi with
9028 driver and with Squeezebox/SqueezeLite these distortions are there too, so i think why with roon bridge these are not, if roon is using dietpi core with driversā€¦if you confim i will maybe buy 1 year license and wait if Audioph/Allo find solution for this combo, thanks Vita

In my setup as described in beginning of the post, I donā€™t have any issues.
To be on safe side you can try Room for at least 15 days for free and test.

Hello today checked through Roon Bridge and the same problems are there, dont I overlook something in setup ?
I have RPI3 + AlloReclocker + AUD 9028q2m powered through Ifi power adapter, connected into synology NASā€¦
I think that problem is there also with RoonBridge with Dietpi driver, maybe you dont listen to music in lower
sample rate freq. where these crackling and loud pops are more pronounced, on higher SR freq. these distortions are sometimes imperceptible or not so loud and also so longā€¦only small cliksā€¦or nothing


I have a Allo USBridge with Sparky and DietPi as OS.
But I havenā€™t heard anything like this you describe and discussing!
Of course shall it not be like this, but a friend of mine @Nikhil_Nayak is using the DSP EQ and have made this setup for listening to mp3 and radio on Roon.
So to the problem is solved try it if you want or donā€™t, itā€™s up to yourself!


How do you a switch between i2s and spdif input?

same situation here: ES9028q2m DAC, Kali reclocker, DietPi, Roon Audio settings DoP = Yes and SoX resampler=disabled => noise or loud clicks in right channel when playing DSD.

To me is so far a minor issue, since I have a small percentage of DSD-encoded files and at very least the workaround of converting (on-the-fly or batch) the DSD stream in PCM is working fine. But this situation somehow negates one of the strongest selling points of this DAC.

We are getting the DAC in the hands of our testing team this week and we will try to debug.

Hi Janis,

Regarding the spacers you used in your build, I assume they are M3?

What are the lengths of the spacers:

  • the long spacers in the corners
  • between the case and the Pi
  • between the Pi and the Kali
  • between the Kali and the DAC

Thank you!


Hello, great, please dont forget that there are probably 2 issues or we have 2 groups, one has only problem (clicking) with playing DSD and second (as me and i have confirmed another 2 guys) who has problems (cracklings almost 1-3 sec., choppy, freezing and also pops) with playing PCM (flac, mp3ā€¦) but i guess that there is only one issue after pairing with KaliReclockerā€¦but maybe notā€¦thanks, Vita

I got the same issues as Vit_Podesva on PCM (but with latest picoreplayer)

Hi Vit

can you remove the Kali and see if you have same issues ?

Hi I will try it but later afternoon when i will be homeā€¦maybe someone here who has same setup would
try it now if canā€¦

Hi Johan
Without Kali no issues so no pops and cracklings, do you think that this DAC is not able to process/take clean signal
from Kaliā€¦do you think that it can be solved by software ( i will probably send this DAC backā€¦) ? Thanks Vita
By the way without kali the SQ is more metallic and not so cleanā€¦so bad idea to take away Kali to have function this DACā€¦

Do you have Kali edition of the AUD9028 DAC or the older one?