Audioquest and....downsampling?

This really isn’t about HQPlayer, per se, but I was reading about the new upcoming Audioquest Dragonfly Red/Black DACs (successors to the v1.2) and their marketing mumbo-jumbo talks about how these play up to 24/192 but the DACs are natively 24/96. Ok, that’s fine, they’re tiny and portable.

Then they go on to talk about the general benefits of downsampling higher frequency music, especially 24/192. Now I know this is AQ we’re talking about here, but given how much ink has been spilled about upsampling (esp here with HQP!), I never expected to see copy about why we should be downsampling.

Is that the next big feature for HQP? :slight_smile: Should we be downsampling everything to 24/44 even? I mean, if 96 is good, 44 is better right?! :wink: