Audioquest Dragonfly DAC not visible except on Roon Core?


I’m a new user so please be patient :wink: When my Audioquest Dragonfly is connected direclty to my Mac Mini’s usb output, which is running Roon Core it’s visible and I can enable it. I can see the AQ Dragonfly listed when I view all the unfolds, etc. However, when I connect it to my Ipad Pro (via the AQ usbc dragon tail dongle) or my iphone (via Apple Camera connector) it’s not visible anymore. However, it does still play and I believe functions properly as the dragonfly light changes colour when the sample rate changes.

Is this the way it’s supposed to work? Thanks for your help.

DACs don’t show up on the iPad for some reason. Yes this is how it works I don’t think iOS just feeds back. At least you get sample rate changes. Us lowley Android users are stuck won’t fixed sampling rate and the DACs.not recognised either.