Audirect atom2 DAC support

What’s the process to enable support for the new Audirect atom2 DAC? Or is there another issue?

After plugging in to my NUC it shows up as Atom2 with option to include a new name but after renaming and pressing enter, all the NUC audio devices disappear. Only way to get any devices back is to remove DAC and reboot.

NUC is Skull Canyon Core i7 6770, 16gb DDR3, 120gb SSD, OS ROCK Core.
Roon Server - Synology DS3615
Atom2 - ES9218AC DAC chip 32-bit 768kHz.

Question 10 has a link to a guide to ‘work well with Roon’ but the link is dead. So I’d probably drop them a line and see if they can provide that.

You nee to check out the Partners page regarding Roon Ready and Roon Tested.

Roon Ready is for streaming products that support RAAT ( a component hardware provision by the manufacturer) so not in your case

Roon Tested is for DAC’s that when connected by USB , “broadcast” their properties and work directly with the Roon Core . Only certain devices do this but that doesn’t preclude working without showing details.

If all else fails put Raspberry Pi running Roipeee in-between as a Roon Bridge.

If your manufacturer is not on the partner page then its neither . A DAC would only be Roon Tested anyway

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Your DAC needs to be supported in the Linux kernel first and foremost. Not all DACs have good Linux support. I would check with the manufacturer as to what their level of Linux support is.

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The link works for me.

The linked document contains nothing special. It’s just a step by step guide to tell you to choose the WASAPI device in Windows 10 Roon → Settings → Audio, enable it, set DSD to DoP and MQA to Renderer Only.

I’ll test it out on my Linux box this week and pull some USB info from the device. As far as DAC’s go this on paper sounds like an all-in-one solution with low cost to match. I’ve also tested on Volumio which shows as unsupported but there is a path to get support they offer I may also investigate.

DAC now works on Volumio but when streaming via Roon or Volumio the resolution does not exceed 24bit 48k. On my Android phone I can get MQA magenta color or blue for each song (24/192khz). Not sure if there are other tricks to getting higher then 48khz.

How did you fix the DAC recognition in ROCK? By using a different Linux box instead of ROCK?

Atom2 DAC still does not work on ROCK, I am using Volumio OS instead of ROCK OS, same NUC box.